The controversial singer and her husband-the oligarch had caught each other in infidelity

Cкандальная певица и ее муж-олигарх уличили друг друга в изменах Evgeny Samusenko and Deynega Milena went to the lie detector. The couple appeared in the Studio of Dmitry Shepelev, to resolve differences and ask candid questions on urgent topics.
Cкандальная певица и ее муж-олигарх уличили друг друга в изменах

The heroes of the next release of the program “really” became a multi-millionaire Evgeny Samusenko and his wife, singer Deynega Milena. The marriage of a businessman on the verge of collapse. The spouse of the man suspected him of infidelity and called on the lie detector. In the case of divorce, Milena will receive half of the state chosen according to the marriage contract. However, if it turns out that Deynega was wrong the second half, she will not get anything.

Milena and Eugene lived together for five years, including four years they are married. Originally planned Deynega not profitable to marry. Presenter Dmitry Shepelev asked the heroine what kind of property which it claims to be, is it.

“We have two apartments on Tverskaya – one costs six million dollars, and the other four. Three-storey Villa in nice, three Parking spaces. I have decorations, they are worth two million dollars”, – said the singer.
Cкандальная певица и ее муж-олигарх уличили друг друга в изменах

Samusenko noticed that does not plan to take the diamonds from the couple. Then in the transmission showed a video taken to record the broadcast. In the short video, Milena was engaged in shopping. Without thinking, Deynega buys jewelry for 300 thousand and one million roubles, and the ring for 105 thousand calls too cheap. Ekspert TV show Sabine Pantus came to the conclusion that Milena deliberately played such a scene. In turn, the author believes that his wife often shows different income levels relative to other people. However, if the millionaire continued to live with the singer, he’d work on her flaws.

“Divorce is not my initiative. I am forced to accept the conditions,” added Eugene.
Cкандальная певица и ее муж-олигарх уличили друг друга в изменах

To find out the truth about her husband’s infidelity, Milena hired employee of a model Agency Anastasia. “She provided me with all the evidence. Not only does he have one girl. Her husband, having fun. For me he never has time,” said the artist. Samusenko explained that brunette in the video is his assistant.

Anastasia Radish, which turned deinega, also appeared in the Studio program. The model confirmed that she was hired Milena. “My responsibilities include the purchase of tickets, booking of hotels, the timing of the head, to be with him 24 hours a day on the phone,” explained assistant Samusenko. Anastasia said that he had ordered for Eugenia rooms in hotels and bouquets of flowers to various girls. “He had two visits with two ladies. One in Barcelona in the beginning of the year and the other in Rome,” said Radish.

Cкандальная певица и ее муж-олигарх уличили друг друга в изменах

Eugene admitted that he had no idea about the secret surveillance Anastasia. “What she told me, it’s business contacts that have nothing to do with his personal life. I and men to meet at a hotel, and women,” explained the millionaire. Deynega was noted that he had not seen firsthand the betrayal Samusenko, but the evidence Radish it seemed convincing.

“I want to get a divorce because my husband started to behave badly. He’s not giving me enough attention. I wish he was with me gentle. However, he tries to look in my phone and even rudely said to me. We have no close relationship… When I married I wanted a baby. He ignores me as a woman” – said Milena.
Cкандальная певица и ее муж-олигарх уличили друг друга в изменах

Sabina Pantus asked Eugene why he’s behaving like this. “Because I was in the war. I have in the morning there were three meetings of the court, the man explained. All four years I have every day an average of three meetings of the court. I don’t have enough forces on the physiological closeness, and the warmth and care of the wife”. Suddenly Anastasia Radish said that Samusenko had planned to bribe people to slander Milena. Millionaire denies the accuracy of this information. However, one of the alleged witnesses appeared in the Studio program.

“Four months ago I was approached by a certain Alexander, a lawyer introduced himself and offered me money for something that I testified in court against Milena. I knew who it is, we are familiar with. I had to say that Milena is cheating on her husband with me,” said the young man named Anton Ryashin.

At the end of the program it became clear that the author really cheated on his wife and engage in sexual relations with other girls behind her back. Milena was also the wrong wife. The singer did not hide that she was on the side. “The fact that my wife has confirmed this revelation,” said Samusenko.

Cкандальная певица и ее муж-олигарх уличили друг друга в изменах