Мария Шукшина решилась на ДНК-тест ради предполагаемого внука Freya silber, the former lover of the actress’s son – Makar Kasatkina, in April, gave birth to a boy. A young mother demands that the famous dynasty acknowledged her baby and has helped financially. The artist decided to get in touch with the ex-daughter-in-law.
Мария Шукшина решилась на ДНК-тест ради предполагаемого внука

Freya silber once again became the main heroine of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on “Russia 1”. In April she gave birth to offer grandson of Maria Shukshina.

According to silber, the baby’s father, whom she called mark-Adam, is the son of actress – Makar Kasatkin. Throughout pregnancy Freya tried to establish contact with relatives of the ex-boyfriend, but the star couple refused to accept it. Only two sisters Shukshina Olga and Anastasia was supported by ex-lover Makar.

Silber was able to finally connect with Maria Shukshina. Moreover, the actress said that they are ready to do a DNA test.

“Without cameras, of course. Long need to meet. I understand this money to pay you, but why make a show? There are some fundamental things: honor and conscience. You have to understand everything, one chooses: either it is good or evil. My lawyer will meet either with you or with your lawyer,” – said Mariya.
Мария Шукшина решилась на ДНК-тест ради предполагаемого внука

The representative silber was on a talk show said that he had prepared all the necessary documents. The Studio program was divided into two camps: some supported the young mother, while others remain convinced, she only needs money from a famous family.

Silber came to support granddaughter Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina – Laura. The woman said that when she was pregnant with the great-grandson of a famous actress, she never expressed a desire to see the boy after his birth.

“I wanted to share my joy with Lydia Nikolaevna. I left a message on the answering machine that soon she would be born first great-grandchild. But no one recognized anyone there’s no communication. Today we well talk [only] with Olga, she saw Martin again.”

Laura expressed the hope that the Zilber still be able to reach out to the representatives of the famous dynasty.

In the second part of the programme aired another snippet of conversation Sushkini Mary’s ex-daughter-in-law.

“I heard in the transmission that you are not able to get through to me. I had no missed calls. You me at least leave a message: “This is Freya”. I don’t know, I got a million calls, I are not always near the phone. Why tell the whole country that I didn’t get in?” – said Shukshin.

Alexander Strizhenova, which recognized the well-known family, in turn, pounced on Freya with offensive words. In her opinion, Zilber tries to cash in on Sukhinah, the child and his father. Strizhenova hinted that she had some dirt on the ex-daughter-in-law Shukshina.

While the shooting went to Zilber phoned the lawyer representing the interests of Mary. He reported that the actress and her son agree to negotiate. In the program there were also shown fragments of correspondence Makar with ex-lover. It follows from them: the young man didn’t want to breakup with her.

“A lawyer deals with all matters, we are interested to DNA to pass. To understand – it’s our kid or our. Depending on this to solve it. No one refuses, I give him your phone number. He’ll be in touch, so it’s official. We are interested to do this week DNA,” – said Maria in a telephone conversation.

Silber agreed with Maria. A young mother agrees to do a DNA test without cameras. However, the result of the examination of Freya promised to announce to the whole country.

“I have no desire to do something. Be without cameras DNA. Will the child support I’ll shut up. I want the situation resolved. All goes to the finals, you know that Maria does not need the camera. But no programs I wouldn’t have made it,” said silber.