Строительство террасы к дому: как построить террасу своими руками

To build a terrace with your own hands is quite possible, if you have some skills in construction work. Before undertaking the construction, it is necessary to understand the sequence of execution. A clear understanding of the stages of construction of terraces is the key to ensure process requirements and as a result — a guarantee of reliable and durable construction. So for those wishing to make a terrace (wood, wood-plastic composite or wood thermomodification) note that you will need to perform the following work in strict sequence.

Строительство террасы к дому: как построить террасу своими руками

The marking of the contour of the terrace

With the help of pegs or threaded reinforcement rods. If you have some knowledge of geometry with this part of the work problems should arise even in the case of the construction of the terrace complex configuration. This should take into account that the substructure of the terrace would experience a significant load in the form of furniture set, tables, chairs, and most importantly, snow in the winter season.

The calculation of the number and location of the support columns of the terrace

During different events, the load may increase due to the weight of a large number of people. And if the terrace will have a cover, you should take into account the weight of snow load on covered with a large amount of snow, the terrace can reach 200 kg/m2 . Therefore, the number of support columns should be treated responsibly in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Here the principle is simple: the support legs must be installed at the corners of the terraces and the perimeter and around the base with an interval of one to two meters. In the case of inconsistencies, it is recommended to install additional support, evenly distributing the distance between them.

Installation of the supporting pillars of the terrace

This work is also simple. The first thing dug a hole for each foot in depth 0.8-1.1 m. In it are set of metal bars of stainless steel (pre-progruntovali for corrosion protection) that are vertically fixed with pouring concrete. Immersed in the concrete portion of the support posts should be boiled fittings, which should ensure fixation in concrete. The final height of the bars you need to calculate based on the characteristics of the terrain and the location of the terrace because the terrace it may be necessary to attach to the house, tied to the front door location on a certain mark.

Строительство террасы к дому: как построить террасу своими руками

Cutting the support bars terraces

After hardening of the concrete, the bars are cut at the desired height and connected to each other by means of shaped pipe. A good option for this task can be considered as a pipe with a cross section of 40×40 mm (with increase step of the support columns it is necessary to increase the cross section of the pipe). You can then begin installation in wooden joists from the Siberian larch or acacia, for example, with a cross section of 45×70 mm. Joists are bolted to the metal pipes. Previously, they must be covered with a protective coating. The joists will be attached decking using hidden fasteners for decking systems. We can not forget the coating of metal parts a good primer to prevent corrosion. Besides, the decking is coated with oil on all four sides, and the ends of the boards are preserved.

The last step of construction of terraces

The final stage of construction of terraces is the installation of the end boards on the perimeter. After the completion of the terrace should be covered with a second layer of oil. If the first layer of oil, which we have applied, penetrates into the wood itself, the second creates a thin protective film on its surface.

If all steps of the construction was done correctly, then you will get the same beautiful terrace, which build professionals from the company Ecowood.

Those who want to build a terrace with your own hands, the company Ecowood offers a set of materials for terrace DIY. It includes a full set of materials necessary for the construction of your terrace (decking from Ecowood, lags, fasteners, oil and impregnation) and the arrangement. The whole kit shipped to your address in any city. After receiving the kit, you can always contact the specialists of the company to obtain additional advice or recommendations for installation.