Конфликт между Алексеем Баталовым и его соседом принял неожиданный поворот Famous actor continues to defend part of its suburban area, which is said to have illegally erected a bath. Recently, a neighbor Alexei Batalov, jeweler Vadim Elgart, was the guest of the program “live”. The man made a proposal to the family of the artist.

      Конфликт между Алексеем Баталовым и его соседом принял неожиданный поворот

      16 March in Moscow held a hearing in the case of the dacha people’s artist of USSR Alexey Batalov. A few years ago a neighbor star Vadim Elgart moved the fence and put on his bath area. Disputes over conflicting acres of land continue to this day. Elgart claims that he has the necessary documents, allegedly signed by Batalov. The actor assures that he did not know what the papers puts your autograph. Shcherbinsky district court of Moscow confirmed the illegality of the transaction, which fans of the actor believe the Scam.

      It later emerged that the investigation has joined the Investigation Committee. The head of Department Alexander Bastrykin has charged to inspect on the basis of the plot shown in the program “Vesti”.

      On Friday, March 17, in the transmission of “live” jeweller Vadim Elgart told of the claims, which he presents to Alexei Batalov. The man first spoke in detail about the conflict that arose between him and celebrity. “To Batalov I treated as my own person. I respect him because he’s a great actor. To this day my attitude is the same. But intervened the people I now don’t want to call,” notes Elgart.

      Конфликт между Алексеем Баталовым и его соседом принял неожиданный поворот

      According to Vadim, he agreed with a neighbor about the construction of public baths on the site, which belonged to no one. In this regard, Elhart, he claims, pays fines. The man also said that Batalov has repeatedly helped with construction on his site and did it for the money. “I spent seven thousand dollars on his case,” said the neighbor star.

      Alexey Batalov and his wife is almost never there at the cottage and refuse to talk to the neighbor. The incident they called the “little unpleasantness”. “What good is it to see?” – asks the actor. “He climbs, says. It’s kind of scary. Don’t want,” says Gitana A., Leonchenko, the wife of a star.

      Then in the broadcast showed Olga Shirokov, personal assistant and close friend of the family. She accused the neighbor of the actor of a lie.

      “This man is lying from the beginning… When the construction started of this bath, Alexey Vladimirovich allowed the construction. As far as I know, it’s his own land. Talk about the shared bath, I never heard of… He says that any papers on the right of the earth is not signed,” – said Shirokov.
      Конфликт между Алексеем Баталовым и его соседом принял неожиданный поворот

      A neighbor of the artist emotionally reacted to accusations of lying. The results of the hearing, which was held on March 16, he interprets in his own way. “There were three trial. Last, the court said: “This is a boundary dispute, deal with it”. I do not deny that this land Batalov and I built a bath. Further events developed so: he and I signed the deed to this piece of land, where bath. Now she lies in the land registry office,” – said Elgart.

      In turn, Mr Putin explained his signature on the document by deception of a neighbor. “He handed me a piece of paper, I didn’t see it. I didn’t expect anything bad,” explained the Director.

      Then Vadim Elgart suddenly announced that he was ready for reconciliation with the actor. This man has put forward its own conditions. He also claims that he made a similar proposal before, but it was rejected. “I told them: “Either I’ll pay this piece of land, give money, or pick her up, carry,” said Elgart.

      Next neighbor celebrity could not restrain his emotions and suddenly stood up from his seat.

      “Tell the Gitana: “Let him take that bath.” Or I’ll blow her… Please, take. I swear by the memory of his late mother. Let take, only yourself will carry her,” said the man.
      Конфликт между Алексеем Баталовым и его соседом принял неожиданный поворот

      The audience was extremely surprised by the events. “Why are you suing ten years?” – puzzled asked the presenter Boris korchevnikov. “When I was sued, I thought that prove it. But everyone’s shouting: “people’s artist of the wealth”. I’m not the ruled,” explained the neighbor star.

      Olga Shirokova has promised to send a statement of Vadim Elgart Alexei Batalov and his wife.

      In the final programme in the Studio appeared Irina Miroshnichenko, who submitted the proposal to the official present in the room.

      “Can the government of Moscow immediately to demolish the illegally constructed building? At the expense of the government. I think the Director deserved it. Let’s chip in together and demolished immediately. Because health and nerves Batalov more of this bath… Sacea it? He doesn’t need that bath, he hung her to old age it demolished,” said the actress.
      Конфликт между Алексеем Баталовым и его соседом принял неожиданный поворот

      The actress said Batalov can assist in the solution of his problem, but only in the appropriate court.