Olga Orlova will lead the “House-2”

Ольга Орлова будет вести «Дом-2» The singer joined the film crew of a reality show. Representatives of the TV channel TNT has confirmed this information. During the conversation with the correspondent of “StarHit” Olga Orlova has shared his first impressions of the new work.

      Ольга Орлова будет вести «Дом-2»

      The TNT channel launched the casting of the leading reality show “Dom-2”. Some fans of Olga Buzova was not a little alarmed: does their favorite decided to leave the popular project? In addition, social networks have regularly published the names of likely candidates for the role of one of the new faces of telestroke. Fans were assured that the film crew can join Victoria Bonia, Alexander Kharitonov, Rustam Solntsev, Liberi Kadono or Rome Pendzhiev.

      Today it became known that the position of the leading reality show invited the singer Olga Orlova, Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina and Vlad Kadoni will remain on the project. “StarHit” contacted a representative of channel TNT, which has confirmed this information. With a well-known entertainer has already filmed a few issues.

      “Yesterday there was another show recording with Olga Orlova, – but paired with Borodina. Xenia helped Olga to get into all the events of life on the island. So we do not exclude the possibility that Olga Orlova may become the new host on one of the sites show “Dom-2″. Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina and Vlad Kadoni remain the leading project,” – said the General producer of the reality show Alexei Mikhailovsky.

      After Olga Orlov was appointed to the position of leading, casting, announced by the TNT channel, was closed. “StarHit” also became known release date of the live reality show with famous singer. It will be shown on Saturday, March 25.

      The correspondent of “Sthita” also got in touch with Olga Orlova, to congratulate on his new appointment.

      “I hid from everyone until recently. Many of my friends still do not know. It was necessary to keep the intrigue. Now you begin to recognize all participants. Sure, quickly enter into the swing of things. In fact, for me, a new experience, a new twist. I am in a great mood. My son Artem supported me, he’s welcome any changes in my life,” – said the singer “StarHit”.

      We will note that Olga Orlova is not the first time appears on the set of telestroke. In March last year the actress became a guest of one of the shows. The participants of the reality show with pleasure were photographed with the star and share photos to social networks. Celebrity also performed the song Maxim Fadeyev dedicated to the memory of Jeanne Friske.

      By the way, fans of telestroke believed that the main struggle will unfold between Rima and Pengawas Liberi Kadono. Ex-participant reality show reported it in social networks. “Thanks for the support many of my fans… It’s both women and men who actively insist that I’m back on the project. Thanks to the project for these good news and for consider me. Although the trip as a participant, I had already dreamed of such a position,” shared Pendzhiev in his microblog.

      Recall that the reality show “Dom-2” goes on air of channel TNT on may 11, 2004. Ksenia Borodina is a leading project in 2004, and Olga Buzova – since 2008. In 2015, the filming team was joined by Vlad Kadoni, ex-member of “Battle of psychics.” Previously one of the main persons of the project was Ksenia Sobchak, but the socialite left the telestroke expiry of the contract.