Мама Алексея Янина после инсульта и комы сына: «Он позвал меня, и я расплакалась» The actor is doing everything possible to help him out. Olga Janina had given “StarHit” the first interview about the health of a loved heir, and his attempts to return to his former life.

      Мама Алексея Янина после инсульта и комы сына: «Он позвал меня, и я расплакалась»

      His 34th birthday Alexey Yanin noted in a Moscow hospital, March 14, next to him was family and the closest. For two weeks the actor will undergo rehabilitation. Each program brings new hope, after being hospitalized in 2016 he spoke.

      “My son said – mom! And I cried”

      The tragedy happened in may 2015, Alexey Yanin felt bad. Wife Daria called the ambulance, at the hospital the actor was diagnosed with a stroke. After consultation the doctors decided that the only way to save life – do craniotomy. After the surgery, Janine was in a state of artificial coma, from which he withdrew in early June 2015. Slowly he began to respond to know friends. Then for a year and a half re-learned to breathe, sit, move. In medicine, this transitional period is called the state small consciousness, after which usually occurs recovery.

      Alexey Yanin spoke up after a long coma

      “He knew everything that was happening, but could not speak, communicated by gestures, eye – shares with “StarHit” Olga Andreevna, mother of the actor. In September 2016 he had another operation, he woke up from the anesthesia, and the first word said was “painful.” And after few days said to me, “Mom.” I burst into tears. It was so unexpected and touching…

      …We took him home. Once I asked: “Who was the first astronaut?” Alex, without hesitation, responded: “Yuri Gagarin. And the President Putin”. I understand that the son came back to us. Every day he gave more words. Remember the English and score. Now Alex asks God for a speedy healing and wants to play again in the movie. No one gives forecasts, but we are moving in small steps towards the goal. The success is already there. He’s much better. Unfortunately, in our country, people with disabilities, as Alex, not everyone has a permanent rehabilitation”.

      Every day Aleksey painted – physical therapy, massage, walking, listening to audiobooks. Five times a week with Yanin working professionals, assists a nurse. He lives in a country house together with his mum and her second husband. This was decided at a family Council, it was supported by the wife of the actor Daria.

      “Our house is located in a pine forest, – continues Olga Andreevna. – The air is clean around the lake. In warm weather, Alex is on the street from morning to evening. His wife often travels with son. Alex is really happy when he sees Dasha and Andrei. His mood immediately changes for the better. Andrew reads to dad poems, they watch cartoons. Plan that after the rehabilitation Alex is reunited with his family and move back to Moscow.”
      Мама Алексея Янина после инсульта и комы сына: «Он позвал меня, и я расплакалась»

      Janina recently visited friends in camp “Hope”, they played the guitar, drank tea and recalled the history. “The son said he was very glad to see – says Olga Andreevna. – Sometimes receives visits from his colleagues, actors Sasha Ilyin, Anna Taratorkin, Ivan Kolesnikov, Andrei Gurkin, Olga Krasko, Tanya Veselkina, Sergey Stoyanov. While Alex does not go, he can only sit. Friends gave my son a standing frame for exercise equipment that helps him to stand. A huge thanks to them for that! In their spare time, Alex watches movies, cartoons and listening to audiobooks with the works of Pushkin and other classics. Sometimes I read it. The son not only speaks, but sings songs of Zemfira, Viktor Tsoi. Lately, for some reason, often requests that tea with raspberry. Jam sent grandma. Also really wants to walk, but in winter we don’t go outside, only ventilated. In the summer I will be again spending a lot of time in the fresh air.”


      Olga Janina – believer. When my son had an accident, she prayed a lot for him and still often happens in the Church.

      “Every morning we get together with Alex we read prayers, – says Olga Andreevna. – I know that when this happened, a lot of people in Russia and abroad prayed and put candles for health of Alexei. I think the only reason it did. I want to say again, thank you all! Never give up, you have to believe the latter, and ask God for help. I am also grateful to father Philip, son of our friend. Several times he was anointed by Lesha”.

      Olga Janina admits that the actor is still in need of funds. Every month the contents and treatment of Alex cost about 100 thousand rubles, and disability pension amounts only to about 15 thousand. Financial help wife Daria, she is now in films, friends, and dear father of Alex, who every week visits..

      “Money, of course, necessary, – says Olga Andreevna. We plan to pick it up and try very hard. Of course, if funds were more often would make the son into rehab. He wants the sea. I want to take him to a military sanatorium in the Crimea.”


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