Состояние больной раком Ламы Сафоновой ухудшилось The singer told about his health. A few days ago Lama Safonova urgently appealed to medical professionals, he felt a strong pain. Trying to alleviate the suffering of the singer, the doctors collected a consultation.
Состояние больной раком Ламы Сафоновой ухудшилось

For that month, the singer Lama Safonova courageous fight with cancer. In one of the social networks, the artist regularly shares with fans information about their treatment and talks about progress. As recently as June singer first came to light after the terrible diagnosis. Many have noticed that the Lama looks great.

Lama Safonova first came to light after a terrible diagnosis

However, as it turned out, the state Safonova deteriorated. The singer wasn’t feeling well, and she was urgently taken to hospital with suspected peritonitis. Those four days that the artist spent in the hospital, reaching for her painfully long. In recognition of the Lama, the initial diagnosis was not confirmed, but her health has not improved. The woman complained of severe pain.

“It is hard for me. I feel very bad. Only today found the strength to write a post yourself. I don’t know how I stand everything. (…) The body tremendously damaged by chemo and radiation therapy. I’m in a very bad condition. It’s scary. Internal burns internal organs (and chemical and radiation – unbearable painful thing…) Temperature 39. Sometimes we bring down. I couldn’t eat. Difficult. And if all to tell, the hair will stand on end. Radiotherapy is interrupted. I want to live, but sometimes it seems that everything… No way out… to Climb”, – said Safonov.

In his publication, the actress thanked subscribers for what they care for her and try to support. According to Lama, the doctors are trying to ease her condition. To this end, they gathered a Council.

“It’s hell. (…) All veins killed, even supporting a drip now do not deliver. Tried a couple of days, and all the veins are again red, swollen, was very painful. Because of intolerance to me it is impossible to apply both on drugs and on ways…” – shared the actress.

Fans Safonova were touched by her publication and advised the actress to stay. In their opinion, the singer is required to win the battle with a terrible disease. “Power to you! You’re a real fighter”, “We”, “you will succeed”, “You have become like family. Every day thoughts of you. You can do this. Definitely”, “We are with you, our sunshine”, “Everything will be okay!” “You’ve come this far not to stop. You are a warrior,” wrote in the comments to the post performer.