Sergey Gorobchenko: “all in the family – be faithful to each other”

Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу» The actor opened the “StarHit” the secrets of raising children and building relationships at home. Sergey Gorobchenko also explained why for him the important of faith and how he manages to live away from your loved ones.
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»

The star of the films “Bumer” and “Officers” of July 29 is 45. Shooting the new season of “Junior” on STS, work in theatre… And at home Sergei was waiting for his wife Pauline and five children. The actor said “StarHit” about the joys of family life and everyday work.

The course for consistency

How are you going to the anniversary?
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»I do not particularly feel – 50 probably will be rounder… not really know how to celebrate their birthdays, I like to organize exciting events for the family. Now with Pauline thinking what to do. Shooting me in Moscow, the family is currently in Saint-Petersburg. I run between cities.—
It’s hard to be away from loved ones?
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»Distance is not an obstacle for a relationship. The main thing that was the unity and fidelity of two people – husband and wife, father and mother of the children. The other issues are resolved. We have such a right. We – a single whole. I’m pretty attached to the family. I understand that my duty to take responsibility for the family. My wife and I have been together for almost ten years, the time flew by as one moment. Family is work, and love – the desire to be the one for each other. We must understand that a happy relationship can not be. The main thing – to be faithful to your loved one.—
You and Pauline were born three sons and two daughters. Always together with his wife in matters of their education?
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»We listen to each other. Thanks to my wife I became more compliant. Understand that many things can be solved without fighting and conflict. Sometimes it is better not to beat my head against the wall, and later, the situation on the brakes. Then go to the open door, when things calm down, and put everything in its place. It certainly works, but it takes patience and animanaturalis of this approach in resolving conflict of the moment.
I love your boys?
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»Sasha is eight years old, he graduated from the first class, do Boxing, swimming and learning to play the guitar. Recently returned from camp in Anapa, where three weeks were without parents. Stronger, matured. Pete seven, walking in the pool, attends a music school, a very strong voice from the guy. This year in school still will not start – has not yet passed the preparatory group of the kindergarten. Decided not to force the issue. Van five, will begin in the fall hockey training. Loves to read, funny and kind guy. However, sometimes cocky – an effect hyperactivity.
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»
Between themselves they get along?
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»Team spirited, live quietly, and his team, always in the dialogue. Hauling toys from each other, and if in the house, you share other people’s constructors and machines. Their owner often do not understand what is happening. Sometimes, begins to quietly to hide swords and tanks, until the gang sees. To observe this, of course, ridiculous.—
Your son from the first marriage Gleb was 19. See him?
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»Not really. The fact is that until the seventh grade he went to school with a language bias in Moscow, and then his mother moved to live in Milan and we decided that his son will benefit from learning in English. He graduated from high school with quinolones, now resting after the exams. Will soon begin to prepare for admission to the University. Winter took graduate work – short film “Remember her”. He wrote the script and music. I played in this film. It was nice to be under the guidance of his son.
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»
With younger children good?
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»Of course, Hleb they have the authority and it is nice. He is a brother and friend. As much as I am the son and the friend.
If he comes in and says: say, dad, I have decided to get married, accept his choice?
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»We with Gleb about interaction with the fairer sex had agreed to focus on consistency. In his adolescence to talk about this, I think, quite difficult, but judging by what I see and know, Hleb is and does.—
He has a girlfriend?
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»The question, of course, very delicate… If you so desire, I will answer: my son was a few years relationship with a girl, touching and serious. But lately something has podrasteryal…

Two princesses

After four children you were born two daughters: Anna – in 2014, a year later Sophia. Probably not dreamed of becoming a dad girls?
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»Yeah, when it happened, I can say, stunned with happiness. I love them very much. They have me Princess – Anusha and Sonya. Try not to refuse. But at the same time understand that today’s pampering tomorrow will turn against me. Children may grow arrogant, inconsiderate. You need to realize the border, where it ends, love begins with himself, a game of feelings. We with Pauline try to lead by example to their children. As a family we build honest relationships, and guys, please, be faithful, consistent, kind and sincere. The Mat and the abuse of alcohol in our home are not welcome. The family we build on the Orthodox basics. Understand that without faith I a living corpse. To exist without God – a rather utopian exercise. It turns out, everything I do meaningless. Dies and the end. It was so stupid.—
When you come for the weekend, that children love to do?
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»Walk, go to the movies. A lot of nice family rituals. Polina definitely puts the kids to bed, everyone sings, reads. I’m glad to be inside this evening dialogue uniting all good tradition.—
Shooting of “Youth” in the middle. Manage to escape on vacation?
Сергей Горобченко: «Главное в семье – хранить верность друг другу»Of course, the wife and children are waiting for a trip to the sea. Hopefully in August it will happen. Every summer I try byutv of warm countries, so the children stronger, rested, enriched with vitamin D. last year was in Cyprus a couple of years in a row in Yalta, Israel, Greece.—
Sports in this rhythm of life time to do?
Yes, four times a week to attend a fitness center, skating, Boxing. Without sports and movement do not represent life. When there is a pause in the classroom, I feel like starting to physically fade away. So, if there’s a breakdown or something goes wrong, go back to training. It will save you.