Бейонсе и Джей Зи потратили тысячи долларов на близнецов Wife surprised by size of expenditure on newborn babies who just turned a month. As journalists, Sir Rumi and need constant care, so Beyonce and Jay-Z splurge on nannies for the heirs.

In mid-June, the singer beyoncé has become the mother of many children, the Actress gave her husband, rapper and producer Jay Z, adorable kids – Rumi and Sir. A month after the happy event, the singer posted in “Instagram” the photo with the heirs. The Beyonce caused a sensation on the Internet. Since then, the celebrity is not sharing details of family life, so her fans can only believe information that insiders shared with reporters.

Recently, a tabloid had reported that Beyonce and Jay-Z hired six nannies for newborn babies. Services each of them will cost the star a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. According to a source from the entourage of celebrities such decision is justified.

“The twins are asleep at different times, so Beyonce decided that she needs three nannies for each child. Each of them will work one shift of eight hours,” shared an insider.

For the eldest daughter pairs – five year old blue ivy also looked after the staff is hired by her star parents. According to correspondents, the child has two nannies.

Recall that after the replenishment in the family Beyonce and Jay-Z in the press speculation about problems their kids health. Informed sources claimed that Rumi and Sir were born prematurely, so the heirs of the stars was treated for jaundice – a disease that often arises in these situations.

Apparently, now kids are feeling fine and their mother is recovering from childbirth. In mid-July, Beyonce for the first time in a long time came out. Celebrity noticed at the concert Vic Mensa in Los Angeles. The company Queen of R’n’b has made her husband Jay-Z. Many fans of the singer noticed that she looks amazing. The singer shone in a stylish mini skirt with high waist and blouse with a deep neckline. Your way Beyonce added-heeled sandals.

By the way, in late June, Jay-Z unveiled the long-awaited album “4:44” which was released on the streaming platform Tidal. A week later the album of the rapper, and added to other sites. The title track of the release, the man called one of the best songs in his career. In this song Jay-Z openly admits own mistakes and Frank with the fans. Many fans of the stars decided that the way he reported the cheating Beyonce. “If the children found out, what would I do? They would look at me did not want, and I burned with shame”, – shared the artist. Jay-Z spoke about his divorce from Beyonce