Анастасия Костенко раскрыла правду о пластике The model answered many questions from fans and shared his beauty secrets. According to Anastasia Kostenko, her daily makeup consists of tools that help to make eyebrows and to emphasize the lips.

23-year-old model Anastasia Kostenko known for its participation in beauty contests. Three years ago the girl went to the event “Miss World”, held in London. Fans regularly ask Anastasia how she manages to look so wonderful, and compare Anastasia with Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. Kostenko recently decided to respond to subscribers in a social network.

In recognition of Anastasia, her plump lips appeared not as a result of a plastic surgery and inherited. In childhood, the model suffered from the ridicule of their peers who tease her because of outstanding appearance.

“The lips I inherited from my favorite grandmother, my mom and dad. The top, as you noticed, much thinner and give it volume helps the pencil. (…) And Yes, in the childhood I very much disliked when I called guboshlep. Almost all the children’s photos my lower lip is preloaded to the maximum as they cracked from dryness, even though my mother and I were forced to carry with them to school higienico (remember, there were sweets in the pharmacy in multi-colored vials: with a taste of Apple, cherry, grape and melon),” wrote the model.

The Anastasia emphasizes the lips, part of her daily makeup. Among other cosmetic must-havew model pencil, help her to draw eyebrows. By the way, before Kostenko, on the contrary, tried to make them as less visible, but over time began to follow a different point of view.

Earlier, the model told followers about his childhood. “I was born in the spring, in the hot, southern town of Rostov region Salsk. In 2009, she graduated from music school, class of choreography, vocals, choir and piano. Not graduated from art school, because one day they took me away and dad and grandma took in “music school,” said Anastasia.

The model also said that a few years ago got injured capsular ligament of the left knee joint and meniscus. However, this did not prevent Anastasia to finish the Stavropol regional College of art in people’s choreographic creativity. In addition, Kostenko did karate, but her mother was against the daughter’s interests, so the dream about mastering martial arts had to be postponed. Anastasia Kostenko talking about health problems