Alsu advice on how to survive the crisis in relations

Алсу посоветовала, как пережить кризис в отношениях
Popular singer Alsou for many fans is the perfect example of wife and mother.

Алсу посоветовала, как пережить кризис в отношениях

At Alsou and her husband Ian Abramov growing three wonderful children, daughters Safina and Mikella and son Rafael. The third child, the singer gave birth a year ago and for some time ceased to go online.

And now Alsu with the joy of communicating with your subscribers and answer their questions.

Алсу посоветовала, как пережить кризис в отношениях

“I have, unfortunately, no formula for an ideal relationship. I’m still learning to build relationships within their own family. (…) And still very, very much, in my opinion, it depends on the women in the family. Where it is necessary and to keep silent, somewhere not to pay attention, to remember and to respond in a more appropriate setting, somewhere to insist on. And never forget that we are women. Men love with their eyes and want to see beauty.

Very important for a woman to show any interest in what the husband what he likes. Even if she doesn’t like it, show at least minimal interest. Try to understand what he finds interesting. A man is very important. Otherwise it will just look for attention somewhere else or another person, maybe another woman. And this is very bad,” says a young mother.

Alsu remembered and your personal experience, surprised at how I reacted on things in the relationship with her husband early in the relationship.

“For example, I’m myself surprised by some things, things that make me so upset at the beginning of our Jan life. And now I remember and wonder why I wasted my nerve cells, which, incidentally, are not restored, for such nonsense! Now, even if values are not given,” – says Julia.

Hope that the family of the singer everything is as it seems, I would not want to it was just a game to the public.

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