Елена Кондулайнен разорилась на подвенечное платье от кутюр Recently honoured artist of the Russian Federation became the guest of the show a famous Russian designer. Elena Kondulaynen was inspired by his creations and decided to add to their collection a new outfit. She bought the thing she is going to try on the filming of the video.
Елена Кондулайнен разорилась на подвенечное платье от кутюр

59-year-old actress Helen Kondulaynen never ceases to prove to the fans that is in amazing shape. A celebrity, often taking part in a provocative photo shoots and is not afraid to experiment with looks. Fans admire the activity of the stars and write her compliments in social networks.

Recently, Helena decided to tell you about them. She bought the outfit after the show by Russian designer, held in Moscow. The photographs, which appeared on the Internet, Kondulainen posing in short cocktail dress with sheer inserts and lace details. The actress did not show the purchase, wanting to surprise his fans.

“I love beautiful clothes, just get pleasure when I see and especially when you put on… therefore I bought a beautiful dress for a future Wedding… (clip)…” – shared Kondulainen.
Елена Кондулайнен разорилась на подвенечное платье от кутюр

Earlier on the red carpet of the Moscow film festival, the actress decided to appear in the image inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Elena has published in a long pink dress with gloves to match. The outfit of a celebrity made the other guests of the event to remember footage from the popular film “Gentlemen prefer blondes”. And before that Kondulaynen became the guest of the program “Let them talk” in a sparkling silver mini-dress and bright sandals. Fans of the actress admired her ability to pick up trivial things.

Recall that the famous actress was married four times and is the mother of two children – Alexander and Mikhail. Now Elena Kondulainen happy in a relationship with 41-year-old Oleg Kamenshikova. “StarHit” first wrote about the new fascination with celebrities. The lovers met last year at the film festival “Scarlet sails” in Bulgaria. “Masons won her heart by playing his guitar. They were always gone before morning in the parks. Breakfasts and dinners were sit exclusively together,” said a friend of Elena’s.

Elena Kondulainen had an affair with 41-year-old actor

Once the actress arrived in Moscow, she decided to continue the dialogue with Kamenshikova. The artists formed a Duo called “Cocoon” and began to perform together. However, their feelings Elena and Oleg didn’t show. “Star of the 90’s often recognized on the streets, so with a boyfriend she prefers to be alone at home. There’s making him soup, French meat and cakes. As in the house there is no one to hammer a nail, Oleg helps repair housing. I have not seen my friend so elated!” – spoke to “StarHit” a source close to the celebrity.