Анджелина Джоли впервые заговорила о развеоде с Брэдом Питом

Famous actress Angelina Jolie finally spoke about the impact on her life divorce with brad pitt. Angelina gave a Frank interview with Vanity Fair, where he spoke about how this difficult period after a divorce and she is worried her family.

Angelina Jolie told readers how deteriorated her relationship with her husband that lasted 12 years until she, being in Cambodia and directed the film “First they killed my father: a daughter’s Memories of Cambodia”. The actress was with their children: Maddox, 15 years; pax — 13; Saharai — 12; Shiloh — 11 devicelink and twins Vivienne and Knox. Angelina Jolie said in an interview that her children bravely endured the divorce process.

As well the actress has denied rumors that the divorce occurred because of the crazy pace of life, in which she was unable to give proper attention to personal relationships. “Our lifestyle was not negative and was not a problem.”

The journalists of the popular edition of Vanity Fair had been in her new mansion in Los Angeles, where the actress shared her experiences after her divorce from actor. As soon as the actress spoke, reporters immediately noticed the difference actressy from preconceived notions of fans. As writes the edition, “She’s not a celestial deity. It is not the great and powerful dobrodeteli. She is not suffering from crazy delusions of control — at least not so”. As she says the mother of six children, she moved into a mansion worth 25 mil. dollars is not expensive for architecture and chic accessories. She needed a nice secluded spot with a large number of rooms and space. Her mansion has six bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

“All of us heals the wounds received because of what happened. Cured not by divorce, and from the ills of life and other things in life.” “Sometimes the women in the families are laid out to the last and it starts to manifest itself on their health.” adds Angelina Jolie.