Гражданская жена Олега Яковлева обнародовала его последнее фото Page in the social network, which was led by the artist, now dedicated to his memory. Microblog of the engaged fiancee of the deceased Oleg Yakovlev, Alexander Kutsevol. She posted a summer picture with a singer that was made recently.
Гражданская жена Олега Яковлева обнародовала его последнее фото

The ex-soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev died last Thursday. Fans and friends of the 47-year-old musician still can’t believe he is no more alive. In recent months, the singer was suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, and in the hospital they took him with bilateral pneumonia. The artist’s heart gave out.

His fiancee, Alexandra Kutsevol, made of microblog Oleg page of memory. A few hours ago, she posted a summer picture with the singer. In pictures Oleg holding a bunch of greens of onions and parsley. The man looks satisfied and happy.

“One of the last photos of Oleg Yakovlev in his phone. A bunch of condiments” – signed the frame.

In the comments to the picture fans regret that their idol was no longer alive. “Olezhka much is not enough” “Such a good man! Radiating warmth and joy! Sorry it came out like that, not all family and friends even knew about the deterioration of his health”, “We will remember you. You’re in my heart always alive, Oleg!”, “How sad that so soon you went away from us,” “don’t forget, if you liked. And carry his memory, a song, a voice through the centuries,” wrote the social network users.

Before the funeral of Alexander Yakovlev said that a few weeks before the death of Oleg wrote a sad song, a song-goodbye “don’t cry”.

“We wanted to make a video, do a presentation. I fulfill that in memory of him. In addition, Oleg wanted to become a Director of the movie – I met a few weeks ago with Alexander Scott, discussed the concept, the idea,” said koziol “StarHit”.

Alexander Yakovlev thanks the fans and promises to dedicate his life to the memory of the artist. “Thank you to each of you for your condolences, support and love Oleg!” writes Kutsevol. The girl tries to stop any rumors that are being spread about the deceased singer. When several media outlets wrote that Yakovlev allegedly had AIDS, Kutsevol denied this information. The civil wife of Oleg Yakovlev will be judged because of the rumors about AIDS

“I’m going to sue such publications. I’ll Wake up from everything and will deal with this issue. It is beyond. They even wrote that I killed myself. Horrible rumors,” said Alexander “StarHit”.