Evgeny Osin cannot collect the money for the surgery

Евгений Осин не может собрать деньги на операцию Natalie Storm came to visit an old friend. The singer said that he had visited Aspen. According to the woman, the artist did not want to appeal to physicians, though his condition is unimportant. According to the star, the man continues to abuse alcohol.
Евгений Осин не может собрать деньги на операцию

On the eve of Natalya Sturm volunteered to help a colleague on the stage Eugene Aspen. The actress claims that the singer is suffering from alcoholism. On Tuesday she visited the musician to ask him personally how many managed to collect money for the operation. Eugene opened the fundraiser, as he will need prosthetics. Eugene Aspen’s legs were paralyzed

The assault claims that came to the star of the 90s together with medical experts. They were able to immediately assess the condition of Aspen. Natalia said that she urged colleague to lie on the examination. Reportedly women, near the house of Eugene were on duty journalists who want to capitalize on the history of the artist. The star explained that the calls, on the contrary, harm and pounded it. “It is foolish and cruel persecuting him to the edge,” said Sturm.

“One does not understand why to deceive the fans, viewers, readers, if you don’t have the foot treatment, you, Jack, you just on the bottle? I brought the doctors, all paid for, ready for a private room in a private hospital – my Wife only had to walk to the Elevator and go down with us in the car. Know how much money he sent fans on a pseudo-treatment? Only 200 rubles! So I’ve heard! You know, this money is not for treatment, and death. The doctor’s diagnosis was cirrhosis of the liver and not only”, – Natalya told.

The woman continues to insist that Asps do not need the money in a Bank account as it will spend on drink. The artist himself claimed that the wagon, and her legs gave out due to problems with the spine.

“I live alone, hardly move around the apartment. The feeling that crawl on sharp knives. In addition, I have a broken shoulder – fails hit a concrete wall last month. Require multiple surgeries health just passed. To hold your guitar can’t, and watch performances on stage and not have to forget. Sadly, fans have come to see me funny guy in bell-bottom pants, now it’s nothing left,” said “StarHit” Eugene.