Предполагаемая дочь Киркорова подверглась травле после громкого заявления Recently, 23-year-old Anna announced her relationship with Philip Kirkorov. Because of the scandalous news of the girl were detractors. Now a resident of Rostov-on-don has decided to tell us why he changed his name, and what does the singer.
Предполагаемая дочь Киркорова подверглась травле после громкого заявления

Philip, without knowing it, was in the midst of the scandal. In a recent edition of “You wouldn’t believe” the interview gave his estimated adult daughter. Broadcast 23-year-old Anna claimed he is a relative of the artist. The girl deliberately changed the name, and at one of the concerts was even awarded the people’s artist of the Russian Federation the crown with the inscription “Best dad”. Philip was surprised to learn about his adult daughter

The story of Anna has caused an incredible stir among fans of the singer. Rostovite was accused of greed, the desire to become famous at the expense of Philip Bedrosovich. She recently admitted that harassment and public condemnation really pushing her. She did not expect such a reaction from others, and statements about the relationship alleged successor Kirkorov denies.

“My biological father I never knew, and the name Tarasyuk I didn’t like. Now accuse me of commercialism, write that I am a hunter of millions. I do not need any money, let alone the glory” – Frank says the girl.

Anna emphasizes that it is not a blood relative Kirkorov. One day she just decided to change the name and made a choice in favor of alias, reminiscent of the idol. She is the founder of the fan club, devoted to the work of the famous artist. Songs of Philip Bedrosovich rostovchanka loves from childhood: she has been to the concerts of the singer and even talked to him personally.

Now Anna is afraid that her attitude towards her will change. The girl cherishes the favor of the artist and is afraid to lose her.

“I’m worried that after this scandal, the positive attitude of Philip towards me will change. For me very warm feelings,” says the girl.

Kirkorov himself has not commented on the scandalous news. The artist really knows Anna, moreover, he praised her for her courage in choosing names. “She was not afraid to change the fate, because with a new name turn their lives. Code embedded in my initials, very strong, and here is how it works for other people is unknown,” – says the singer.

Now Philip Bedrosovich resting with their children Alla-Victoria and Martin abroad. Star family spent a few days at Disneyland, enjoying extreme fun.

In his interview with Woman’s day Anna Kirkorov said that working four jobs to provide a decent care for her sick mother. The girl refuses to answer questions relating to her earnings and personal lives, fearing that this time it will be misunderstood.