Нумеролог: «Брак Александра Радулова распался из-за ревности» According to Clara Kuzenbaeva in the near future, the athlete will succeed. Alexander Radulov went to the American club “Dallas stars”. Today the player turns 31.
Нумеролог: «Брак Александра Радулова распался из-за ревности»

Today, July 5, Alexander Radulov turned 31. A month ago, the famous hockey player forced to talk about myself. It became known that he divorced gymnast Daria Dmitrieva. They have a son Makar. The initiator of the gap made by the woman, so haven’t had to deal with some of the personality traits of the spouse.

Hockey player Alexander Radulov left his wife a year later after the wedding

As a professional Alexander it works. The day before my birthday he signed a 5-year contract with the American club “Dallas stars” by 31.35 million dollars. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied birth date Radulov and made forecast for the future sports stars.

Нумеролог: «Брак Александра Радулова распался из-за ревности» “Alexander was born in “the day of the showman,” says Clara. His life code – 369 268 – suggests that he is a very talented man and a hard worker in his three sixes. He had, however, numerology creative, unsportsmanlike person, and only the ability of the stars to work hard helped him to succeed. Alexander refers to a category of people, which keeps the earth on it, you can always rely on. But his problem is that he is prone to depression. Despite a successful career, he has low self-esteem and full of complexes, which he carefully hides from others. However, due to the sports star has managed to improve the opinion about yourself.”

According to Kuzenbaeva, Radulov to treat those people who started early to work and knows the value of money. However, according to numerologist, he doesn’t like frills.

“It is unfortunate that he and Daria broke up, because she was Alexander’s donor gave him energy, thus saving from mood swings. The couple’s problem was the lack in their life codes fours, which often forced them to swear. Impatient and jealous, they are constantly terrorized each other and eventually came to the conclusion that it is impossible to live,” explained Clara.

According to numerology, Daria is a very emotional and difficult in a life of a man, so Alexander it was hard to tolerate her because he himself doesn’t know when to shut up.

“Life code gymnasts – 325 2810 – suggests that she was not allowed to leave the sports girl is contraindicated to be a housewife. The inability to realize also become the reason of scandals in the family of celebrities,” explained Kuzenbaeva.

According to Kuzenbaeva, Alexander is waiting for a good year. However, at the age of 33 years Radulova should not take upon itself any obligations. 35 athlete waiting for a new round career, also he can be born another child.