Алена Водонаева раскрепостилась с бойфрендом в Италии The presenter did not keep the surging feelings. Alain Vodonaeva spends time in Italy with her lover, Alexei Cosine. Fans noted that the couple looks perfectly happy.

Now Alena Vodonaeva spends time in Italy with boyfriend Alexei Cosine. They walk through the streets of Rome and enjoy the time they spend alone with each other. Apparently, indescribable atmosphere of a European capital influenced the mood Vodonaevoy, but because she decided to share with followers on Twitter. She has published quite a bold frame in the pictures depicted as male for the chosen language.

Interestingly, Alena decided to disable the comment function to that snapshot. Apparently, she didn’t want detractors debased their passion.

In Rome, the lovers came to celebrate the birthday of Vodonaevoy. In this solemn day the Cosine did everything to make the beloved feel special – in the morning he got her a bouquet of gorgeous flowers, got her a Granita, and in the evening was taken to a luxurious restaurant. The young woman felt on the seventh heaven from happiness.

Alena noted that he tries to restrict himself from the use of social media and admitted that he didn’t want to flaunt his relationship with Alex. Love in two cities: the details of the new novel, Alena Vodonaevoy

“I caught myself on the thought that if before all I wanted to photograph, now you want to remember, – wrote Vodonaeva. – Yes, and to be completely honest, almost all the photographs I’m not alone, and “Instagram” is no longer a site where I want to show my personal life. The life that I want to keep. Anyway, until autumn, I won’t show and won’t say anything. And then…”

Some time after that statement, she lifted the veil of secrecy and published online photos. Despite the fact that Alena looks completely happy near Alex, she is in no hurry to share the details of their romance. Fans admire their couple and look forward to when Vodonaeva will talk about how life has changed with the advent of the man of her dreams.

“You are very beautiful couple, Allen. Happiness to you”, “Beautiful! Suit each other,” “I think it breathes you! And you’re the Queen! Let him love you and never let go,” write to the followers of a celebrity.