The chosen Jennifer Lopez cheated on his wife and neglected children

Избранник Дженнифер Лопес изменял жене и пренебрегал детьми The confessions of a surrounding of a star, she is well aware of the vanity of a loved one. With Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have long been acquainted, but because it nourishes Nikich illusions about him. If you believe the words of friends of the artist, now she is just good in the company of a new companion.

      Throughout March, 47-year-old Jennifer didn’t part with her new boyfriend, former New York Yankees baseball player and current sports analyst Alex Rodriguez. Inseparable couple gave myself a four-day ka=Nikula in the Bahamas, then long nestled in Miami. In the morning Jen with Alex visited a sports hall in the evenings, I sat by candlelight in restaurants.

      “They have a lot in common – say the friends of lovers. – They bring together Latin American roots, a love of new York, children of the same age.”

      They say Lopez has already introduced the beloved twins max and Emma, who approved it. With two daughters, Alex, the actress has not yet met, but hopes that children will make friends and be one big family. This moment causes the environment Lopez doubts because as a family man, Rodriguez is poor.

      In 2008, in the divorce papers his wife Cynthia stated that the man had actually thrown her children that no interference to indulge in debauchery on the side. He’s not even bothered to hide adventures, on the contrary, he never missed an opportunity to boast of fame as a skillful lover and don Juan of thousands of women. In his famous bed, over which hangs a large portrait of Rodriguez in the image of the centaur with an impeccable human torso, have been Madonna, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, as well as a Legion of models and athletes.

      Each new friend Alex immediately drove to the gym to build muscle, to align with his idea of perfect. Judging from the morning training with Jennifer in Miami, it has not escaped this fate.

      “Don’t worry about it, say friends of the actress. – She and Alex have known for many years, so Jen know that he’s a ham and loves female attention. It does not exclude a common future, but for now just enjoys his company.”