Sasha Strizhenova hinted at the engagement with her lover

Саша Стриженова намекнула на помоловку с возлюбленным The girl published a picture in which the ring finger wearing the ring. This frame made it clear to subscribers that perhaps Alexander has moved to a new level of relations with her boyfriend.

      Саша Стриженова намекнула на помоловку с возлюбленным

      16-year-old Sasha Strizhenova and 18-year-old Anton Churek not cease to please fans sowmestna images. The pair spends a lot of time together, they often fly to rest with the parents of the girl. Apparently, Alexander and Catherine satisfied with the choice of his daughter. But fresh publishing heiress famous couple has been controversial public. The girl stood in the bright image, which provoked a lively discussion followers. A careful study of the picture you can see that on the ring finger of the right hand of Strizhenovoj Jr. flaunts an expensive ring.

      Sasha Strizhenova infatuate with love beside her boyfriend

      Sasha repeatedly made clear to the users of the Network that it is ready to connect his life with Anton. She does not perceive their relationship as flirting, and I’m sure they’ll develop into something more. Earlier, the schoolgirl was not seen with the decoration on the finger. But now, it seems, Strizhenova subtly hinted at big changes in life.

      Subscribers often ask Sasha how she’s doing in his personal life. As soon as she stops put pictures with the young man, the followers doubt creeps in, that the couple is still together. Strizhenova quickly respond to such comments and places in the Network fresh photos from the chosen one. She believes that happiness should not make show, and to talk about their feelings regularly. However, she is happy to share footage of the holiday with loved ones. Last summer, Anton had a rest together with a family of Sasha on the island of Crete, and this winter went with a friend to Hawaii. This gave the fans confidence in the fact that the parents of Strizhenovoj really took the young man into his family. And now appeared on your finger decoration became the subject of discussion.

      Yet she did not give any comments on the ring. She continues to share shots on Instagram, and prefers to remain silent. It is likely that soon Sasha will dare to tell, what it really can mean a decoration. And yet followers still happy lovers, and enjoy their touching photos.

      Interestingly, Catherine and Alexander Strizhenov, despite the approval of the selection of the successor, confident that she’s too young to think about marriage. According to the little girl’s mom, it must acquire a school certificate and go to University. She believes that the first serious relationship will not be a big obstacle for Sasha, if that will correctly distribute the time. The head of the family, thus, have repeatedly made clear to the public that the young beauty is too early to think about marriage.

      “She’s only 17 years old, what wedding? Even thought these not. There is a young man who takes care of her, but yet it’s all part of friendship. The rest – fiction of the press. I Sasha was escorted everywhere, finger on the pulse of worry,” said the famous Director in an interview.