Избранница Прохора Шаляпина размышляет над его предложением руки и сердца Recently, the media reported that the singer intends to marry. Prokhor Chaliapin made a proposal of marriage to Tatiana Guzeevoy. “StarHit” found the artist, he’s received a response from the beloved.
Избранница Прохора Шаляпина размышляет над его предложением руки и сердца

Domestic tabloids reported that Prokhor Chaliapin made a proposal to his beloved Tatiana Gazeway, the girl is far from show business. Tanya reported on the remarkable event on his page in Instagram.

The singer told “StarHit” that pushed him to such a responsible step.

“I did it because I want to reassure all my fans, especially adults. Tanya is a real miracle, only without feathers. Not the same as the previous one I had,” said the artist.

According to Shalyapin, the mother of the chosen one against the famous groom. According to the woman, the artist may not be a good and responsible husband to her daughter.

“I’ve already seen this… Mama she a completely different person, fighting, powerful woman. Such a mother, Oh… She lives in Izhevsk, but now arrived, I hide”, – said Prokhor.

The singer admitted that it hurt Tatiana reaction to his proposal. The girl took the ring, however, the offer hands and hearts of the artist replied evasively. “Tanya took the ring, but said I’d think about it! It seemed to me that it is more necessary. I like Tanya, she is very comfortable, and I thought she needed, and she said, “I think”. A strange feeling. I rather don’t hurry, I’m with her, well and good. But her mother immediately stood up on its hind legs,” – said the artist.

According to Prokhorov, with Tanya they’ve known each other a year and a half. But to meet my beloved began the summer of 2017. Chaliapin wanted to flaunt their relationship. And if he plays after the wedding with Tatiana, the celebration will be held behind closed doors without prying eyes and star guests.

“You know, if she doesn’t want the wedding, then… a woman with a cart – the Mare is easier. I had a feeling that things were about to. I’ve been going. I have brains, but now I am in romantic intoxication. And who knows what he will be next. I made an offer on the basis that it will be good. As to marriage I am so: as the tram ride, nothing bad.”

By the way, Chaliapin, Tatiana provided the girl. Have a sweetheart there are two apartments in the capital.

“But I got nothing. But… But why is that bad? I – people’s artist in Russia has always been very important, what dowry the bride. It matters. Besides, Tanya is a very good cook – anything. The soup can cook tasty than reminiscent of my mother. Had her nipples in the test, so she made a whole pan. I’m here and recovered. The stomach, even appeared”, – said Prokhor.