Вышедшего на свободу Сергея Семенова заперли в родном поселке In the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” again discussed the sensational story that took place in the Ulyanovsk region in 2016. This time Sergey Semenov was not present at the shooting. As it turned out, the young man now wears an electronic bracelet on his leg.
Вышедшего на свободу Сергея Семенова заперли в родном поселке

The inhabitant of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Semenov, who was convicted for the rape of Diana Shurygina, said in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” about the conditions of parole. As it turned out, the young man is now obliged to walk with an electronic bracelet on his leg. Semenov was forbidden to leave his home in the village of Novocheremshansk Novomalyklinsky district of Ulyanovsk region more than 25 kilometers, or take a walk after 22 hours.

Lawyer Diana Shurygina humiliated by Sergei Semenov

As soon as Sergey will be able to leave, he is going to go to another city. This should happen in a year and a half. Semenov got acquainted with the program “Let them talk”, in which Diana Shurygina emotionally reacted to his release. The young man continues to deny his guilt.

“I don’t think I’ll find work when their conditions of release. Diana’s mom screams that I’m not paying claims. While it is difficult to do because of the circumstances. You can say that I locked up for a year and a half within 25 kilometers”, – says Sergey.
Вышедшего на свободу Сергея Семенова заперли в родном поселке

Close Semenova did not expect that his freedom of movement will limit, but eventually reconciled with the measure stipulated by the law. A young person’s life much more complicated. “Sergei didn’t tell us about it, not to upset. Mom reacts to everything very emotionally and difficult to tolerate,” said Sergei’s sister Catherine.

“The first time the bracelet interfered with him, he couldn’t sleep. Yesterday somehow upset, and this morning woke up with another idea. Now no one will be taken away, not planted. I think that’s his defense,” shared the mother of a young man, Olga.
Вышедшего на свободу Сергея Семенова заперли в родном поселке

Semenov took from the prison letters that he wrote from different cities and countries – we had two heavy bags. “For all the time I have not received any bad emails. I would like to thank everyone,” shared the young man.

Yulia Kors, a friend of the infamous resident of Ulyanovsk, says that she is going through a difficult period. “Diana terribly hurt by this situation, she said. – How many people, so many opinions. Diana and friends for about a year. Write that she’s drinking and hanging out, that’s wrong.” Shurygin tried to support and designer Kirill Mintsev. He denied rumors that he received a decent income from the project, which involved Diana.

In the Studio there are other members of the sensational events that occurred in March 2016, when Shurygin was raped. Another participant of the resonance parties Anastasia Kulakevich did not understand why Diana actually then went with them.

Husband of Diana Shurygina beat perespevshie with her boyfriend

“She didn’t know anyone. Asked us at the last moment. The day of Diana to all Les, hung. I don’t think she was a victim, says the girl. – There was a moment that saw everything. She sat on Ruhlin in one bra. It’s not our business what they were doing. We were interrogated and intimidated in the investigations division. Forced to pick up the evidence about how Diana beat father.”
Вышедшего на свободу Сергея Семенова заперли в родном поселке

Actress Alexandra Golosina believes that Sergey Semenov need to be sent back to jail. She started collecting signatures so that the young man is back in jail. Pavel Pyatnitsky, who was present among the experts of transmission, reminded everyone about the shady past of a young woman. Semenov himself, published in touch via Skype, said he didn’t take her words seriously.

Granddaughter of Oleg Strizhenova lost the baby

Вышедшего на свободу Сергея Семенова заперли в родном поселке“I don’t think Alexander Golosina – an ardent fighter for justice. She does it for their own benefit,” said Sergey.

The mother of the young man confessed that he saw no reason to argue with Golosinas. “I want everyone to calm down. To him everything is okay and it’s not lost in this life,” said Olga. In the future, Sergey would like to create a family like all normal people.

“While with my limitations, nothing is clear. I’ll think on the circumstances. Thank you all” – Semenov has answered the question about future plans.

At the end of the program presenter Andrey Malakhov added that he is personally acquainted with the husband of Diana Shurygina Andrew Slanina. “He still somehow restrains her, – said the journalist. – She was in normal hands.”