Ilya Glinnikov broke up with the winner of “the Bachelor”

Илья Глинников расстался с победительницей «Холостяка» Katya Nikulina reported breakup with actor. According to her, they managed to maintain friendly relations. Now the girl plans to leave with his head in work. Glinnikov she is grateful for the many happy moments they have experienced together.
Илья Глинников расстался с победительницей «Холостяка»

In the spring of 2017 all viewers watched the developments in the project “the Bachelor” by Ilya Glinnikov. The actor, remembered by the public after the TV series “Interns”, chose in the final spectacular blonde Catherine Nikulin. Fans of the reality show could not hide his joy, as Ilya was a long one and could not find love. After the project, the couple began to live together.

However, after a time, the Network appeared the information that Katie and Elijah are not going smoothly formed. It was rumored that the lovers even staged a fight, when the conflict between them reached its climax. But the couple denied this information. However, in a recent interview with Nikulin still voiced the truth: they broke up and Glinnikov.

“We are not together, and our lives went their separate ways, although we have a great relationship. We decided to announce it publicly in order that we were no longer perceived exclusively as a couple, and each had their own life,” explained Kate.

She claims that they managed to remain friends. According to the girl during their relationship had many enjoyable moments that she will never forget.

“We traveled a lot, flew a helicopter, dived, swam with the dolphins. In addition, my memory will long be my birthday, when Ilya decided to surprise me: we went on a six-hour motosave in Yaroslavl on loud growling “Harley”! It was unforgettable, especially as the return journey that evening became for us a real weather test, which we passed together. And on March 8 he came to the car, opened the trunk, and there was just a sea of flowers (fortunately, not red roses I don’t like them)” – shared with journalists Nikulina.

Many other girls were jealous of their relationship, because it is not easy to build a love for the filming of the show, which is watched by hundreds of people.

At the moment, Nikulina plans to pursue the career. She is working on recording the album. Besides, recently Kate and her friends opened a bar. “The music is experimental, it will be a mixtape of different directions. On the outputs of my tracks I’ll be sure to report on their pages in social networks,” – said Katya PEOPLETALK.

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