The children’s nanny Kate Middleton will be a serious test

Няне детей Кейт Миддлтон предстоит серьезное испытание
Royal assistant takes on a huge responsibility.

Няне детей Кейт Миддлтон предстоит серьезное испытание

Prince George,Kate Middleton,Prince William and Princess Charlotte

Photo: @kensingtonroyal (Kensington Palace Instagram)

While Brits await the imminent departure of Kate Middleton and Prince William in India,
Babysitting children of the Royal couple — Maria Borrallo, is not in tension. On the shoulders of assistants are now facing the challenge to cope simultaneously
with two children-children, the eldest of whom is only two and a half years. A few days ago
Mary informed about the new duties that led her to the “quiet horror”…

Trip to India will become
for Kate Middleton the test, because the first have such
the long separation with children. Many of the entourage of the Duchess noted that she’s very upset about leaving. Perhaps that is why Kate up detailed
plan that should do the nanny with the children in her absence. Among the new responsibilities Mary appeared and daily reports, to which Borello
will attach photos day. The Duchess
also insists on the fact that the nurse was constantly in touch online. Spouse
Prince William is planning in your spare time to watch their offspring via Skype.

However, worry not
only the Duchess of Cambridge, but Mary and herself. A few weeks she began to prepare the children for the upcoming parents ‘ departure, but is nevertheless experiencing,
how it goes. Borello, according to a close friend, has even agreed to
help mom Kate Carol, who promised to come to the Palace on the first
call. Carol certainly will be happy to Tinker with her grandchildren, she never
miss the opportunity to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Няне детей Кейт Миддлтон предстоит серьезное испытание

Princess Charlotte

Photo: @kensingtonroyal (Kensington Palace Instagram)

Prince George

Photo: @kensingtonroyal (Kensington Palace Instagram )

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