Oksana Fedorova has led children to work

Оксана Федорова привела детей на работу

Children presenter first visited the Studio of the program “good night, kids!”.

Recently the TV presenter has increasingly devoted son and daughter in their Affairs. Recently a two-year old Liza with her mother came to the podium and showed clothes from her collection. And now with his older brother Fedor baby visited the Studio of the program “good night, kids!”.

— I have long planned to bring to the shooting of Lisa and Theodore, – said Oksana, “Antenna”. — Why did you decide now? Realized that it was a good time. Children became old enough, the son four years, my daughter will be three in the summer, they already understand that the Studio can not make noise, you should behave quietly. And besides, the film crew was waiting for them to visit, everyone is constantly asking, “When are the children going?” And here we are. Together examined the scenery, the Studio, met the characters and were photographed. Fedya favorite character – Stepashka, and Lisa loves the Carcase, put it could not. At home they have the same toys, just a little different size. They love them very much, as transfer. When we get on the air, be sure to look at “night-night” together.

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