The bride is the star of KVN Sergey Oborin died of cancer

Невеста звезды КВН Сергея Оборина скончалась от рака The girl was not able to overcome the disease. The last months of Anna Bazhanova underwent chemotherapy, which was supposed to help improve the condition. However, despite all the efforts of friends and physicians, the darling Oborin failed to save.
Невеста звезды КВН Сергея Оборина скончалась от рака

Anna Baianinha, the property man of the team of KVN “Pyatigorsk”, died after a struggle with cancer. Doctors diagnosed the young woman’s fourth stage breast cancer with metastases in the brain. The sad news was announced by the concert agent Alex Novitski working with many stars of show business. The man said goodbye to a beloved participant of the Moscow KVN team “Parapaparam” Sergey Oborin on his page in Instagram.

 Star KVN looking for a job to save his beloved from cancer

“Left my girl. God, why is that? You take the best! God rest your soul” — shared Novatski.

Subscribers Alexei brought him condolences. Those who followed the story of the beloved Sergey Oborin, fought bravely with cancer, were shocked by the sad news and could not believe it. “The horror… Anya, what a pity”, “the Kingdom of heaven”, “no Words”, “still not kept. Rest in peace,” wrote in the comments of the post Novitskogo.

The last time Anna Baianinha been in touch with the subscribers of his microblog in early July. A young woman talked about the fact that he had purchased a wig, and revealed details of the therapy.

“Today begins the ninth round of chemo, I’m glad he’s free of hormones. A month later we will go to Israel to be tested and all know that their hopes will not even say. I wish it was all over! The joints are crazy sick, the body is very tired. Thank you all for your support and kind words, I am writing to strangers and praying for me and my friends always beside me. Not who I see, still shy, but it will pass very soon, I’m sorry my family, I want to hug everyone! And I have the best man on earth,” shared Anna.

Recall that the choice of Sergei Oborin was diagnosed two months later, after the man proposed to her. My grandmother Anna Badaninoy had cancer, and she constantly had blood tests because she was afraid to face the same disease. The groom is a young women turned away from her and tried to support mate. “If she worries about lost hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, convinced that for me it is the most beautiful. Squeeze her morning orange juice, buy exotic fruit – she loves them”, – said the man.