Eks-the participant “Houses-2” knock out Anna Kalashnikov madness

Экс-участник «Дома-2» подбил Анну Калашникову на безумства The model presented an original video for the song “tak ne byvaet”. The video was directed by rapper Timur Timbigfamily, known to many fans of telestroke. In the story video Anna Kalashnikova makes several daring deeds.

Anna Kalashnikov unveiled a new video for the song “this never happens”, recorded together with DJ Vini and Timur Timbigfamily, a former participant of the TV project “Dom-2”. In the video, among young people there are feelings. In the lyrical compositions are the following lines, which were read by Timur:

I’ll share the grief, share the days
I take all the blows from my destiny,
On the battlefield I am single and do not have the strength,
How to live me, if so little reason?

If you taught me to fly,
To run faster than the wind, not looking back,
And melted my heart like a piece of ice,
I’ll never forget how the look in your eyes.

Экс-участник «Дома-2» подбил Анну Калашникову на безумства

Social media users welcomed the Kalashnikova video, which had some interesting techniques. So, in one scene, Anna cuts off a lock of hair, and the other model eats your jewelry together with whipped cream. In addition, the artist will think about in order to drain the glass, in which swims a goldfish. The Director of the movie was Timur himself Timbigfamily.

Fans of Anna wrote her many compliments and told me not to stop. “Cool song” and “Respekt! All abroad”, “Cool”, “Guys, I wish you success. Very beautiful duet”, “Bomber song! The words and music to the point, well Done! Worse Buzova. Who’s next?”, “Good voice”, “can’t stop thinking about the chorus. Stuck and spinning every day,” discussed the audience of the video.

Previously, Kalashnikov said are grateful to our colleagues for their interesting and fruitful work on the clip. According to Anna, the shooting lasted for about fifteen hours.

“Everybody is very tired, frustrated a bit, but between us there is no conflict. This time got just a great team, Director, cinematographer. I left the set almost last, we were about to close the whole building, but we shot very beautiful shots and all the crew noted that they were worth it!” – shared it.