Невеста Гайдуляна готова кричать о чувствах после воссоединения с ним Diana ochilova remembered the touching moments of life together with the actor. The wedding of Andrew Giulana and his bride was held last fall. Suddenly, however, the artist was diagnosed with cancer, which he had to postpone all plans and go for treatment.

      In late March, fans of the protagonist of the television series “SASHATANYA” Andrew Giulana was seriously concerned about what is happening in his personal life. For a long time he was tied up in a serious relationship with Diana Ochilboy. Lovers intended to get married and made plans together for the future. However, the girl announced that broke up with her lover.

      But in less than two months, both lovers understood that they can not live without each other and decided to restore the relationship. Apparently, now between young people is a real idyll. The bride is the star of the TV series remembered what qualities she values in his choice, and he loved the groom.

      “He knows how to please me, to make memorable surprises. Andrew Hagolan best because only such a man can meet his old age. He cares for me, and I will suffice for many years. It’s nice to remember where we started and how cool the spent always time! Anything can happen, as indeed, all people. And, no matter what, we are together”, – wrote in the microblog Diana.

      Fans do not get tired to admire the delicate and tremulous relations of lovers. Fans can’t forget that at some time they separated, and were sincerely glad that Giulano and Ochilboy managed to overcome some difficulties. The subscribers hastened to Express to Andrew and Diana that they are very harmonious couple and look great together. “I congratulate you! You are very beautiful, sincere couple! Health!”, “Well, what’s up! Be happy!”, “The most beautiful, most loved,” wrote a follower.

      In September last year, Andrew and Diana had to go down the aisle. However, a malignant tumor that has suddenly discovered the actor was forced to postpone the celebration. Some time Hagolan was forced to leave Russia and to go for treatment to Germany. Throughout time Diana was next to him and told the fans the news about his health. In mid-March, the actor completely defeated the terrible disease. Andrew Hagolan completed treatment and returned home

      “The test results surpassed all expectations, a course of chemotherapy on the body does not negatively affected. No toxicity and intolerance of chemicals on the body Giulana was not”, – reported in medical circles results treatment stars of the series “SASHATANYA”.

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