Kate Susan secretly married

Катя Жужа тайно вышла замуж This conclusion was made by fans news leading “House-2”. Kate Susan posted on Twitter a photograph of their beloved hands. Attentive fans noticed the wedding rings of the couple.

      Катя Жужа тайно вышла замуж

      Just last week many fans of Katie Zsuzsa and those who are just watching her life, was shocked when it was revealed that the TV presenter will soon re-marry. This conclusion subscribers to its microblog then came for the sole reason that she placed the ring on the ring finger of the right hand. Many then decided that the news presenter “House-2” has received a proposal of marriage from her chosen Oleg Vinnik. The lovers ‘ Union is actively discussed in social networks.

      The thing is that back in October last year, a man lost his wife and children in the plane crash in Sinai. Netizens never miss a chance to condemn Oleg winnick and Kate Juju in such a fast-paced novel after a terrible tragedy. However, there are also those who stands up for the pair, explaining that everyone deserves to be happy.

      After learning about the engagement of Zsuzsa, many were delighted, but, apparently, congratulations for the news presenter of the reality show received the wrong case. Today Kate posted on Instagram a new photo, which depicted their favorite hands. Ring fingers of lovers adorned with wedding rings. Thus, users of the social network came to the conclusion that Susan and winnick played a secret wedding, talk about where you decided only now.

      Катя Жужа тайно вышла замуж

      A touching photo taken by the couple during a quiet family evening, in a moment gathered thousands of likes and dozens of comments. Many fans of the stars of the TV project “Dom-2″began to congratulate her on her marriage, and to wish much happiness and birth of children. Recall, Kate Susan already has a daughter from a previous marriage. By the way, the girl quickly hit it off with the new chosen one mother.

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