Бренд создал дешевую копию платья Кейт Миддлтон

Now every girl can afford an outfit like the Duchess of Cambridge.

In November 2010, the Royal court announced the engagement of Elizabeth II’s grandson William with Kate Middleton.

Then the happy bride appeared in front of prospective subjects in a modest blue dress Issa London for 575 pounds. UK like crazy, outfit barely had time to sew as bought at the speed of light. And so it continues to this day!

If then, not every girl was able to afford such an expensive purchase (about 48 000), now have an outfit like Kate on the day of engagement can each!

The Creator of the blue dress, Daniella Issa, Gelael merged with Monsoon and has released a capsule collection that included the dress-double dress Middleton.

Only now it costs only 99 pounds, that is 8300 rubles. Not a bad price for a dress of the Duchess, agree? Fans of Middleton was delighted by this news and have already started to line up for a novelty.

That’s how you do business! If you think about it in the news, it turns out that you can make a copy of the wardrobe of Kate and get filthy rich! Russian designers should take note.

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