Бойфренд Бритни Спирс изменил ей с моделью

Attempts by Britney Spears and to arrange his personal life led her into the arms of 23-year-old male model Sam Asgari. Younger guy singer for 12 years, however, this has not prevented them together to have fun. Britney head immersed in a new relationship, but her friends are worried for her friend. The concern is violent and active age Sam: entourage Britney is sure that he used her for the sake of attracting attention to himself, and he meanwhile had an affair with a girl younger.

Бойфренд Бритни Спирс изменил ей с моделью

Asgari has his eye on 27-year-old model Morgan Osman. By the way, told everyone about it herself Morgan. On his page in social network Instagram she posted a compromising photo of Sam kissing her, and left in him a scathing review: “a Fun event and so many nice memories”, adding the hashtags #britneyspears, #samasghari #britneyfamily. However, Morgan did not realize that fans of Britney will give her a real attack, so hurried to remove the and completely closed the account.

Whether it was old or all the assumptions about the faithlessness of the faithful Sam, yet it is hard to say.

I hope the situation will clear up soon.

Recall, the biggest shock in the life of Britney Spears yet had a relationship with Kevin Federlayna. Spears fell on the ears, but did not realize that the handsome Caveda (at that time)girls hung in clusters. We even had two babies I was able to save the family from ruin. By the way, divorce, Spears endured a very painful and despite the fact that for many years have passed, it seems that only now Britney came to her senses.