Бейонсе отправила сыну Оливии Уайлд и Джейсона Судейкиса свое фото с автографом

It is no secret that Beyonce has a lot of fans. One of them is two-year-old son of actress Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Otis. The parents of the boy have told in interviews about the Hobbies of the child, and the singer, no doubt, the love of a young fan, very nice. In honor of his birthday, beyoncé decided to make a pleasantness Otis and sent him his photo with autograph.

About a wide gesture Beyonce said in an interview with Jason, the father of Otis. It turns out that on the occasion of the birth of a son, they decided to throw a party in the style of Beyonce.
“On his second birthday we had a party in the style of Beyonce. It was great,” he said.
But the mother of Otis Olivia Wilde once even admitted that Beyonce song is the only thing that can soothe her child on the plane.
“Sometimes I think his love for Beyonce all limits, and sometimes it becomes too much” — said Olivia in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.
I must say that this is not the first case in show business, when the children of celebrities have become fans of fellow parents. Here, for example, Pink’s daughter willow five-year crazy Matt Damon. Her love of the Hollywood star is so great that even a cake for the birthday girl was in the style of the last film of the actor “Martian”, and the list of gifts – a poster with a photo of Matt.