В HBO рассказали о спин-оффе «Игры престолов»

Casey Blocks, who served as the program Director for the American TV channel HBO said about the upcoming spin-off of the popular series “Game of thrones”, based on the motives of the series of novels “a Song of ice and fire” by George Martin. To big chagrin of fans of “Game of thrones”, in the background we see favorite characters, even if some of them fall into the plot of the spin-off.

As the representative of the IEE the edition of Entertainment Weekly, at the moment still not finished the last season of the series, which will be released next summer, and the showrunners are still arguing about the required duration of the project. At the moment we know that the last season will be six episodes, but their number as needed may increase.
Recall that British actor Liam Cunningham, who starred in the TV series Davos seaworth of, let slip to reporters that shooting the latest season will start in September this year.