Тело леди Дианы тайно перезахоронили

The journalists RadarOnline reported that in the grave where it was buried with full honors, the body of Princess Diana, mother of crown princes Harry and William, empty. The media found out that in fact the body of lady Di, as it is affectionately called public, was secretly reburied in the crypt of the ancient medieval Church of St. Mary. The last resting place of Diana is well protected to this day.

The body of the Princess reburied along with the cremated remains of her father. St. Mary’s Church in the Park of Althorp (Althorp), the entrance to which is paid. Thousands of tourists come here every year and are surprised to learn that Diana in the crypt may not be.
Recall that the mother of William and Harry, was 36 years old when, in August 1997 she died in an accident – the driver of a Princess while being chased by paparazzi, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a pole at the entrance to the tunnel in Paris.
In her will Diana demanded to be buried, not cremated, because the family vault at the Spencer opened to make sure that there will be enough space for another body. Last time before this tomb was discovered in 1992 when they buried the father of Diana. Then it was decided to cremate the remains of other ancestors, and they were many – the crypt has been used since 1860. And here the opinions of the employees of the cemetery are divided – some believe that the ex-wife of Prince Charles actually rests in the crypt, according to other places in the crypt are not enough, and the Princess buried in the local cemetery, but where exactly, nobody speaks.