Son of Nicolas cage faces a prison sentence

Сыну Николаса Кейджа грозит тюремное заключение
Weston cage filed serious charges.

Сыну Николаса Кейджа грозит тюремное заключение

Nicolas cage son Weston


26-year-old son of Nicolas cage
can go to jail. He finally filed a formal charge of
offense on three points. He will get for his “exploits” at least a year in prison. This was reported online edition

A few weeks ago, Weston
was arrested. He managed to break the shear number of laws. Being
the wheel of the Chevrolet Camaro,
for a start, he crashed into another car. Then, when it tried
to stop police patrol, the son of actor and didn’t think to obey, and
tried to get away from chasing him in a police car at breakneck speed. And
the way we got a few standing at the road mailbox. All it ended
the Weston at full speed drove into a tree, while somehow miraculously survived.
Moreover, the result of the analysis of the blood of the son of Kage showed high
the permissible alcohol level twice.

In fact, in the past
Weston, son of Nicolas cage, Christina Fulton, had serious problems with alcohol. He himself admitted that he drank
every day for a couple of dozen cans of beer, a box (!) wine and some
the number of spirits. In 2011, he was even arrested for being drunk and disorderly with
his first wife Niki Williams. However, as argued by Weston, the problems
this kind of long time in the past. He swore that he quit drinking after
as the light appeared, his son Strike. “Son literally saved my life. As soon as I
saw it, I decided to give up alcohol,” said Weston a year ago. But, as
see, his “vow of sobriety” was not enough.

Weston Cage