The biological mother of Matvey Ivanov came under the bad influence of the father of the child

Биологическая мать Матвея Иванова попала под дурное влияние отца ребенка The young woman became the heroine of the program of the First channel “really”. Ivanova said, why lie in 2014 when he accused of conspiring his parent and family Spahovic. Love claims that she was forced to slander someone.
Биологическая мать Матвея Иванова попала под дурное влияние отца ребенка

The story of the little Matvey Ivanov, who disappeared from maternity hospitals in the Moscow suburb of Dedovsk couple of years ago, impressed the public. Child, photos of which were plastered all Dedovsk, found this year in the family Spahovic. As it turned out, Elena was kidnapped the baby and raised him as their own. Spring, Matthew (Spagobi called him Yegor Approx.) was adopted by a new family.

However, Elena and Sergey are not going to give up and say they want to return the baby, to which they are native. Recently they were guests on the program with Dmitry Shepelev “In fact” to pass check on the lie detector.

Two families Matvey Ivanov trying to get it back

“I don’t know what is happening with Egor. I haven’t seen him for ten months. We were told that he was adopted on 5 April and placed with another family. Hiding it from us. Now go to the courts, let’s hope that we will win. Gathered documents required for the establishment, prepared the room, where every day I go and talk with his things. In General, it is very difficult not to see the child,” said Elena Shahova.
Биологическая мать Матвея Иванова попала под дурное влияние отца ребенка

The spouse of a resident of the City Sergei also decided to appear in the Studio. “I collect the documents and have legal proceedings with the Moscow region government. Primarily responsible for children’s rights in the Moscow region. Nobody told us that you can apply for temporary custody. Then he said, “Collect the documents”. Collected. “You’re gonna stay in school for foster parents”. Disaccustomed. While I was doing all this, I was told that I’m the perfect candidate,” said the man.

According to Shahova, the guardianship was ordered not to give the child. “Then she told me: “I don’t like You”. And what she doesn’t like me, it is not clear,” added the man. Sergey said that painfully reacted to information about adoption of the boy.

Experts transfer again tried to reconstruct the events of that fateful day when Elena was kidnapped the baby from the hospital. At some point, Sergei could not resist and left the Studio, but then returned. The man admitted that he was tired of constantly reminiscing about the past.

Биологическая мать Матвея Иванова попала под дурное влияние отца ребенка

Another character was the biological mother of Matvey Ivanov’s Love. A few years ago, she claimed that her mother forced her to get rid of the baby. “When he was born, Yegor, she didn’t want him with me. She confessed to me that kidnapping your own grandchild. She asked me for forgiveness,” claimed the Love in the air “Let them talk” in 2014.

Then Ivanov has recanted her testimony that her mother allegedly sold Matthew’s family Spahovic. In the broadcast of “really” Love acknowledged that he had slandered someone. According to the woman, she was forced to take this step. Ivanov said that he came under the influence of the biological father Matthew Alex Chestnaya. The young people lived in a civil marriage.

“When I got pregnant, he beat me up and cut with a knife, I have still left a mark. I wrote a complaint, but he was not punished, because his godfather has promoted. When I was pregnant, he said it would be a failure. He kept pressing me. My mother was only familiar with Elena Smehovoj, as I recall (this was told to me grandma), they used to go,” – said Ivanov.

“Why you claimed on the TV that your mother sold the baby to Elena?” – addressed to the heroine of the transfer examiner Roman Ustyuzhanin. “At the moment I pressed Chastain. He knew perfectly well, as the squeeze on me,” replied Love.

“Can I claim you then the TV lied? Three years ago,” the expert continued. “Yes,” said Ivanova. On the question of who forced her to slander her own mother, Love said, “Chastain, father Matthew”.