The first channel has denied the death of ex-wife Masha Rasputina filming

Первый канал опроверг смерть экс-супруга Маши Распутиной на съемках Representatives of the TV company told his version of what happened. According to them, Vladimir Ermakov was waiting on the recording of “actually”. However, at the appointed time the man never came.
Первый канал опроверг смерть экс-супруга Маши Распутиной на съемках

Today it became known that a week ago, died, former husband of singer Masha Rasputina, Vladimir Ermakov. As reported by the husband of the artist Viktor Zakharov, it happened during the filming of the program Dmitry Shepelev “actually”. However, the employees of the First channel hastened to refute this information and told his version of what happened. They did not deny that Masha Rasputina really came to the Studio, but she was not able to meet with the ex-mate. Moreover, the man himself has not appeared in front of cameras.

“The shooting did not take place due to the fact that the singer did not like the questions she asked during pre-testing on the lie detector, and she left the Studio. Her former husband Vladimir Ermakov on the shooting of the program has not reached in the Studio appeared”, – said the representatives of the channel.

According to the wife Rasputina Zakharov, the artist did not attend the funeral of former husband. She did not hide that she was an unpleasant person, who was placed in a psychiatric hospital they shared a daughter Lydia. According to the singer, she did not see the child until last year. After a long-awaited reunion, the singer took the decision that from now on she will live with her and not with her father.

Первый канал опроверг смерть экс-супруга Маши Распутиной на съемках

Lydia admitted that she was ashamed of the words to the famous mother. She hastened to apologize to her and her husband. Rasputin forgave the daughter, because he understands – she did no harm. Mary suspects that the girl was under the influence of powerful drugs, and therefore could not understand fully his statements.

“I went against mom. He told me: “I’ll make you a star”. All the dirt that poured out on my mom, it’s because of me happened. I am ashamed to Victor Evstafievich and his children. I have to be a good daughter Masha Rasputina and a worthy sister of her children. Ermakov made me disabled 2 groups, my words do not communicate with each other,” said Lydia.