Биологический отец Влада Галкина корит себя за предательство Georgy Cherkasov upset that he had not found the strength to get acquainted with the actor during his lifetime. The man says that he had a short affair with the mother of Vladislav Galkin Elena Demidova. However, after this they parted on different cities.
Биологический отец Влада Галкина корит себя за предательство

A famous actor Vladislav Galkin died eight years ago. The artist was 38 years old. He was raised by his foster father Boris Galkin – he adopted the boy after married Elena Demidova.

However, recently announced Georgy Cherkasov, the man calls himself a biological dad of the famous artist. He told the story about how met a woman. It happened in Sverdlovsk. At the time he was 28 years old, and Helen 24. Their affair lasted only a week. However, he promised that he will definitely find his girlfriend. But for many years never did. George paid no attention to newspaper articles and television programs, where from time to time appeared Vladislav Galkin with his mother. Only recently Cherkasov suggested that the actor was his son.

“I have a few days couldn’t come himself – not eating, not drinking, not sleeping nights. Made a promise after our fleeting encounter in his youth, in ‘ 71, that I would find her. It was in Sverdlovsk – from 20 to 27 March,” – said the man.
Биологический отец Влада Галкина корит себя за предательство

Cherkasova has his own family and children. He noticed that his son Alex are very similar to Vladislav. After news of the death Galkina man was very worried, however, just as for a favorite artist.

Guests in the Studio didn’t understand why Georgy Cherkasov is not sought for all this time to find his girlfriend and son, especially since modern technology without problems can help.

“Myself, this idea hurts. Well, why not?” – he answered.

Биологический отец Влада Галкина корит себя за предательство

Recently Cherkasov visited the grave once his girlfriend and son to apologize. Some colleagues Galkina, Jr. talked about the fact that in difficult minute of life he seemed a very lonely man. In 2009 Vladislav has arranged uproar in the bar. He shot the bottles, and put a gun to the chest of the bartender. Presumably, the young man insulted the artist who came to relax.

Actress Yana Poplavskaya, in turn, remembered how her son Klim defended him in various ways – he was asking the plaintiff to take a statement and save the actor from the court. What secret was opened by the actor Vladislav Galkin bartender before arrest

“Is he killed, he stole?” – argued Jan.