Владимир Пресняков-старший загремел в больницу с инфарктом The wife of a Russian musician and composer Elena said that her husband had a heart attack. At the moment the wife Presnyakov-the senior located in Israel. According to her, she doesn’t know all the details of what happened.
Владимир Пресняков-старший загремел в больницу с инфарктом

How found the journalists, Vladimir Petrovich Presnyakov is cardioblate one of the capital’s hospitals. Today, doctors managed to stabilize the condition of the musician.

“Vladimir Petrovich’s really got a heart attack in one of Moscow cardiologic centres. Now his condition has improved and he has gone on the amendment. The doctors are very helpful. We are very grateful to them. I hope that everything will be fine. About the extract we don’t know, he is still treated, but now we’ve all calmed down”, – said the press-Secretary of the son of the artist, Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., Anna Isaeva.
Владимир Пресняков-старший загремел в больницу с инфарктом

According to Isayeva, the actor was hospitalized five days ago. Now Presnyakov-the senior each day to visit relatives. The press Secretary could not say, abolish in connection with the recent performances of the singer. “Without the surgery helped therapy. And the crisis has passed. Just had time to arrange – call the doctors arrived “fast”. Still fighting and didn’t want to go to the hospital – had to be persuaded,” – said Isayev.

We will remind, on March 26, Vladimir Petrovich turned 72 years old. He is a hereditary musician, the successor of the family tradition of many generations. The artist was born in the family of Peter M. and Maria Semyonovna presnyakovym.

The musician leads a very active lifestyle, loves football, is a permanent member of the club stars of Russia “the Artist.” Despite the enthusiasm for sports, Presnyakov-senior is a community of beer lovers.

In late March, Vladimir Petrovich celebrated the birthday of their only son Presnyakov-younger. The musician told in an interview with “StarHit” the heir. “When the boy was born, told me… mother-in-law. Then, because there was no phone, and find out the sex of the child was impossible, and she woke me this morning and said, “you Have a son!” Lena wanted to give me a present on birthday, even cried a little, that did not work, had a couple of days to wait. We celebrate our birthdays together – rather in the birthday of Vladimir”, admitted Presnyakov-senior.

Vladimir Petrovich has told: when were the favorite son, he was only 22 years old. Despite the birth of a child, the singer left her career. “It was the Soviet time and it was impossible to say: “I’m not going to tour.” So most of the time the son spent with grandma and grandpa. I always wanted Volodya to become a musician – it stemmed from the tree of our family,” shared Vladimir Petrovich.

According to the materials of the Agency “Moscow”.