«Теорию большого взрыва» могут продлить на два сезона

The tenth season of “the big Bang Theory” has practically come to an end. Despite this, storyline for many characters, not brought to its logical finale. And all because the 10th season of the show will not end. At least in this believe the creators of the series.

Today it became known that we can wait two more seasons “the big Bang Theory”. The producers of the show are now just negotiating with the main cast and almost agreed with them about the successful signing of contracts for a period of two years.

The publication notes that the decision was made pretty quickly, if you remember a similar situation three years ago when the issue of the extension of the contracts of Jim Parsons, johnny Galecki, kaley cuoco, Simon and Kunal Helberg the Najjar was delayed for a whole summer.

The amount of the fee for each series of the main actors will remain the same – $ 1 million. Changes can relate to the Actresses acting the role of Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Bernadette (Melissa Roig).

The number of episodes in the new seasons is likely to remain the same.