Жизель Бундхен родит третьего ребёнка ради свекрови

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her husband Tom Brady decided to third child. The reason for this haste – a strange disease of the mother of the athlete, which for the year can not make a correct diagnosis. The woman is fading away, and the doctors all shrug.

“Galinn suffering from an unknown illness and just fade. Sometimes her condition is improving, but not for long. The only thing she finds joy is her grandchildren. She recently asked Tom and Giselle to have another child. They would not hurry with the childbirth, but are afraid that it might be her last will. Now they are actively working on this issue, and who knows, maybe Gisele will give birth to another child this year,” — said the insider.
Recall that the couple has a seven year old Benjamin and four-year Vivienne.