Tree stole a car from Pavel Volya

Ёлка угнала машину у Павла Воли
The singer became a party to show “Improvisation” on TNT.

Ёлка угнала машину у Павла Воли

Tree and Pasha Will

Photo: TNT

At the next “Improvisation” on TNT was the singer Christmas Tree. This
music production has never happened in the entire history of the show, as the Tree sang, danced
and came up with the actors the most incredible situations. However, the singer
had to get one of them… to be in the role of car thief car Paul Will.

I sincerely admire people who can make other people, in particular
me laugh, — shared the singer. — Easier than it looks from the outside, the
heavier than it actually is. It is a separate art, which I really appreciate. I
it was very nice to take part in the show “Improvisation”. Moreover, I am very
wanted to be a part of, despite the fact that there was a fear
“rebate” on the stage. I loved it all, but it was not enough, so
would love to come again. This is one of the funniest and live shows on our TV,
which I always wonder to watch.”

The tree with the participants of the project “Improvisation”

Photo: TNT

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