The bass-guitarist of “lube” was placed in intensive care

Бас-гитарист «Любэ» попал в реанимацию The status of the musician is assessed as severe. He has a concussion injury and skull fracture. At the moment the police are looking for the guilty in the beating of a musician.

      Бас-гитарист «Любэ» попал в реанимацию

      40-year-old bass-guitar player of popular Russian band “lube” was severely beaten in one of the bars of the Istra district of Moscow region. After that Pavel Usanov was taken to the intensive care unit of the Sklifosovsky research Institute in an unconscious state.

      The man was diagnosed with a fracture of the base of the skull, closed cranial-a brain trauma and brain concussion. At the moment his condition remains serious, he’s not coming back. Experts will conduct research to understand, has not affected the frontal parts of the brain responsible for movement and speech.

      At the moment the causes of the incident establish law enforcement officials. It is known that Usanov was in a pub with my friends. It is reported that the men were drinking together, but for some reason quarreled, and between them there was a fight. During the incident an unknown man struck Usanova severe injuries, brutally breaking through the forehead of the musician with the strongest blow to the head. The identity of this unknown is established, the police Dmitrov already started searching for him, according to Life News.

      Pavel Usanov was born in the city of Novocheboksarsk. Since 1996 he is in the group “lube”, headed by people’s artist Nikolai Latvia. The bass-guitarist of “lube” Usanov was after the previous contractor Alexander Nikolaev tragically died. He crashed in an accident in August 1996. In addition to this project, Usanov also busy in a rock band “battle ships” created in 2006. Paul is the founder and artistic Director. He has also composed music for documentary films 15 of the First channel and a number of other similar projects.

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