Mistress of Boris Nemtsov, calls for his exhumation

Любовница Бориса Немцова требует его эксгумации Catherine iftode ready to go to the last. Desperate woman sees no other way of recognition of Boris Nemtsov, the father of her two year old son Bori. Iftodi also believe that what is happening with the events of the conspiracy clan mistresses of the deceased policy.

      Любовница Бориса Немцова требует его эксгумации

      The mother of the unrecognized son of the deceased opposition is so desperate that they are ready to go to his grave with a shovel. The only way Catherine iftode will be able to prove that her child was really born from Boris Nemtsov, and therefore claimed the inheritance policy, which is estimated at millions of rubles. “I’m ready for the exhumation and even to go out with a shovel at the cemetery,” made a loud statement, the woman who fights for the inheritance of Boris Nemtsov.

      His relationship with Catherine, an employee of Gazprombank, Nemtsov did not demonstrate, as claimed by the woman. But they were very close. Son Nemtsov was born in April 2014. The politician promised the woman to marry her and recognize her child.

      After the murder of Nemtsov, iftody was left alone. On parting with the well-known politician Catherine met with another Catherine, Nemtsov gave birth to two children. However, women did not talk to each other. Iftode says that other women of her beloved ignores her and conduct dirty game, guided by the desire to get as much from the inheritance of the deceased.

      We will remind, earlier it became known that the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow dismissed Iftodi in conducting the DNA test on the recognition of the father of her son, Boris Nemtsov. After that the woman started to say, ready to go to the last. Due to the fact that Catherine does not have enough funds for the maintenance of the little Boris, she was ready for the grave politician with a shovel and hand dig it for forensic study. Ifedi also said that she is ready to pay for the procedure eksgumatsii.

      Любовница Бориса Немцова требует его эксгумации

      “It’s just a conspiracy clan Nimzovich… no one wants to admit the child Boris. I think that the death of Nemtsov really make life easier for Catherine Odintsova,” said Iftodi in an interview with NTV television, letting the studs in the address of one of the women of Boris Nemtsov.

      Любовница Бориса Немцова требует его эксгумации

      In Nemtsov’s legacy includes several properties owned by Nemtsov, including his duplex apartment in the heart of Moscow and the shares in the largest Russian companies, according to analysts, could grow significantly in price.

      All Nemtsov has left several heirs. The politician was a big fan of women, according to official data, he is survived by four children. Daughter Jeanne from the only official wife Raisa Nemcova, Anton and Catherine dated TV presenter Catherine Odintsovo with which the Germans lived in a civil marriage, as well as Sophia from the Secretary Irina Koroleva. And, according to the employee of Gazprombank on behalf of Catherine iftode, another boy Boris, her son from a deceased politician. In addition, according to some reports, Nemtsov has several unacknowledged children.

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