The bass guitarist of group “lube” died

Бас-гитарист группы «Любэ» скончался A member of the popular team Pavel Usanov died in the hospital. Earlier this month the musician was seriously injured in the fighting in the bar of Moscow region. Doctors until recently fought for his life.


    Бас-гитарист группы «Любэ» скончался

    Bass guitarist Pavel Usanov “lube” died in hospital. Despite the fact that some time ago he underwent a craniotomy, to save him failed. The sad news of his death appeared on the official group page on the social network.

    “Today was not Pasha Usanova, bass-guitarist of “lube”, a talented musician, a great guy and our good friend. It is a great sorrow for us, for family, for fans, for everyone who prayed for his recovery. We believed and hoped that Pasha would be okay, but no miracle occurred. He will always be with us – in our hearts, in our memories. Mourn” – such an entry in Facebook shocked the fans of the team.

    Beaten guitarist “lube” underwent a craniotomy

    All believed and hoped until the end that Paul will be able to recover. Recall that Usanov suffered during a fight in one of the bars of the Istra district of Moscow region. During the conflict the musician suffered serious injuries and in an unconscious state was admitted to the hospital. The treatment of the musician was held at the research Institute Sklifosovsky. Despite the efforts of doctors, the guitar player couldn’t survive.

    The person who the member of the group “lube” injuries, was later detained for a period up to 3 June. Attacking Paul Maxim Good until charged. After the musician died in hospital, suspect the man could face serious jail time.

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