Lika Starr was justified for Affairs with married men

Лика Стар оправдалась за романы с женатыми мужчинами The singer does not feel guilty, because at the time of the relationship she was free. Lika Starr made no secret that she was having an affair with the famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk.

      Лика Стар оправдалась за романы с женатыми мужчинами

      Popular singer Lika Starr was widely known in the 90s. Its hit “Lonely moon” knew by heart many of our compatriots. But gradually the fame of the actress began to fade, and then she completely disappeared from the scene. Lika an Old married Italian businessman Angelo Sich. And in the beginning 2000-x years, she settled with her husband and son from the first marriage of Artem on the island of Sardinia. After several years of marriage they had a daughter Allegrina, and in 2011-m – son mark. Despite the fact that the actress is now a happy wife and mother, she sometimes remembers the past. Appearing in the program “Alone with all”, the artist was justified for Affairs with married men. Those who are familiar with the biography of a celebrity, remember that she had a relationship with a famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk.

      In conversation with Julia men’shovoy, Lika was justified for numerous novels. The celebrity herself believes himself not guilty. She admitted that she had done nothing reprehensible, because at the time relations, it was a totally free woman. She believes that men are responsible for the fact that they begin to live with their wives, being married.

      Popular singer did not hide that she was having an affair with Fedor Bondarchuk, despite the fact that at that time he was already married to Svetlana. Lika met with the Director at the concert in “Olympic”, but I remembered about it only when decided to shoot a video for a new song. After that, they began a long but painful romance. As said Lika, Theodore then appeared in her life, then disappeared. And each time she promised to leave his wife. Remembers the singer, they parted Bondarchuk’s not very good. At events where they got together, Britney was trying not to notice the Face. She is very angry. As mentioned the Face, with Svetlana they seemed to hit it off, but novel after novel with the singer did not hide this from his wife.

      “We can’t be friends, the world. I with your husband was having an affair. You watch him, please. And hide the suitcases, and then your storyteller tries them out to make!”, said Face of the spouse of the Director.

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