Музыканты группы «Звери» резко покинули коллектив Many fans of Roma Beast and his friends can’t believe what happened. Detailed comments on the causes of action of the participants considered the friendly team has not yet been reported, they decided to refrain from comment. From the old composition of the group there will be only two people — Bilyk and Zaruba.

      Музыканты группы «Звери» резко покинули коллектив

      Guitarist of “Animals” Maxim Leonov published in a social media post that he and his colleagues — Michael Brim and Alex Lyubchik — looking for a new job. The details of the care of the musicians were not disclosed, Roman Bilyk abstained from comment.

      “Attention! Experienced and played a part (EX-band) of three people: Michael Brim – drums, Alex Lyubchik – bass, Maxim Leonov guitar, looking for a permanent job. Along about ten years old, play practically all know each other through and through. Primarily interested in working on a permanent basis,” this post made Leonov.

      Member popular group also noted that he and his colleagues will be free starting in July. Thus, the concerts of “Animals”, scheduled for June, will be held in the old part.

      Fans of the band that exists on the scene for more than 15 years, was seriously troubled. Many could not believe that the members of the group, which seemed so friendly, decided to go their separate ways. Some of them believe that with a new group of musicians will sound different, and “Beasts” are not the same. However, fans wished him ” every success in the new job and further creative development.

      “Good luck,” “I am very glad that you go forward to new horizons and never standing still”, “Thank you for your many years of creativity! I hope one day you will come together to remember the old times!”, “We are accustomed to you..and hardly anyone will survive it longer,no matter how young and talented he was not. And from the panel itself when you change the composition remains only the name”, “Maxim, how would not happen in the future life, thank you and salutations for a happy childhood ! For music, drive and endless enthusiasm!”, — wrote in comments to the publication Leonov.

      One of the fans asked Leonov, will not affect whether care group members to her upcoming concerts in June. “You are though in Moscow will perform, without the sour faces? To remove all gathered,” — said Maxim, a young man. To which the musician replied: “I don’t understand why all this should affect kisloty our faces. Life goes on”.

      Recall that the “beast” was created by Roman Billicom in 2001. Michael Edges joined her in 2002, Maxim Leonov in 2003, and Alex Lubchik in 2007. After the departure of three musicians from the old team left in it the vocalist, guitarist and producer Roman Bilyk, as well as keyboardist Vyacheslav Zaruba.

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