Фанаты приписали Дмитрию Хрусталеву служебный роман Actor, TV presenter and showman fascinated by producer and singer of the “Fruits” Sasha Dahl. Khrustalev supported the campaign organised by the Fund, the Trustee of which is the artist. During this event, Kim’s cute smile, hugged and kissed for a group selfie.

      Фанаты приписали Дмитрию Хрусталеву служебный роман

      Actor and TV presenter Dmitry Khrustalev, as the social networking, spends a lot of time with his counterpart on the show “Evening Urgant” Sasha Dahl soloist and producer of the group “Fruit.” According to a showman, he’s in complete awe of the singer and public figure. Dmitri and Sasha were seen together at a charity race organized by the Fund, the Trustee of which is the Dal.

      “I said, “Sanushka!”, she told me: “Matunuska!”; word for word, went running. Enchanted!”, — Khrustalev wrote in his microblog.

      This post is a leading accompanied by a joint photograph with the artist, made during their meeting. Her colleagues on the popular show of the First channel “Evening Urgant” hugging and kissing, showing happiness and joy.

      Khrustalev fans congratulated him on his new passion, and wished him every success. According to many, Dmitri and Sasha look great together. Someone wished Dmitry to marry his girlfriend, they say, do not want to miss this beautiful woman. “Mitya found himself a girlfriend” “She is beautiful. Grab and run,” “advice and love”, “Happy for Mitya”, “Happiness to you, what a beautiful couple,” “What they are cool”, “Mitya deserve it”, “Adorable couple”, “Office romance”, “charming Girl”, “Dima, to the Registrar!”, — they wrote in the comments. He Khrustalev had not responded to numerous suggestions and wishes of the fans, keeping the secret of his personal life.

      Фанаты приписали Дмитрию Хрусталеву служебный роман

      As for Sasha, in her Instagram she also posted a photo with a good friend where Dimitri prinimaet. And Dal, and Khrustalev, look very happy. The actress did not comment on this picture, only accompanied his hashtags, mentioning her charitable Foundation.

      The group “Fruit”, the inspirer of which is Sasha Dahl became famous after the program “Evening Urgant”. For several years that the transfer came out, musicians have appeared in over 500 editions of the project and have repeatedly received compliments from guests of Ivan Urgant. The team also participated in the contest “New wave” and was among the nominees of MUZ-TV.

      Interestingly, the members of the group went to school together. 13 years after graduation Sasha Dahl decided to create a musical team consisting of classmates and friends. With Ivan Urgant together they have performed at corporate events. There is a showman and noticed them , and later invited to his project on the Federal channel.

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