Голая правда: полностью раздетые звезды The international day of nudist “StarHit” gathered photos of Nude celebrities. Kostyushkin, Buzova, Seryabkina, Peha, Panin, Glucose, Cords, Tolkalina, and many others, the artists themselves at various times published candid photos in social networks, submitting your body to the public.

      Голая правда: полностью раздетые звезды

      Every year on the second Sunday of June is celebrated worldwide day nudist. All those who are not shy about showcasing the natural beauty of the naked body, you can consider yourself today involved in the occasion. Lovers naked, as a rule, become specialized on Nude beaches or in the wild, if they want to do away from home.

      Many stars of Russian show business do not need to wait for the day nudist or searching for a special place to free your body of these clothes. Especially good if there is a smartphone and Internet access. If its nature you can capture on camera and post it to your social networks to the delight of the hundreds of thousands of fans. It is noteworthy that sometimes a celebrity spread in the Network completely unexpected “naked” photos. “StarHit” remember who of artists recently surprised the public with Nude pictures.

      Stas Kostyushkin

      Голая правда: полностью раздетые звезды

      Stas Kostyushkin is an exemplary family man and father of two wonderful children. In his free time the artist likes bodybuilding and often visits the gym. This, of course, beneficial effect on its appearance. The singer often publishes on his page in the social network pictures from the training, from the locker room or out of the shower, which excite the opposite sex.


      Голая правда: полностью раздетые звезды

      Anastasia holds a firm leading position among the stars of the ladies who post in social networks candid photos. The famous twine ballerina sometimes even inferior resort photos star, which can be worn only a narrow Thong or even “swimsuit” from sea stones. In addition, Anastasia loves to pose in the bath, where she is also completely naked.

      Olga Buzova

      Голая правда: полностью раздетые звезды

      If you don’t count Frank photo shoots, made by Olga Buzova in the days of her youth on “the House-2”, the star rarely undresses in front of the fans. But last month, she literally blew up my Facebook page, posted a picture with a huge bouquet of roses that covers her naked body. Wife of footballer Dmitry Tarasov then fairly excited five million subscribers. Naked photos of Olga Buzova has caused a strong reaction in the Network

      Alexey Panin

      Голая правда: полностью раздетые звезды

      Alexei Panin can call yourself a real nudist. He shamelessly relaxing on the beaches, in the buff. The actor with pleasure posing naked and then publishes those photos on his page in the social network. Movie star once took part in an erotic photo shoot with members of the opposite sex, he likes to undress.

      Olga Seryabkina

      Голая правда: полностью раздетые звезды

      The band “SEREBRO” a party which is Olga Seryabkina, laced with erotica. Clips and performances overtly sexual. In addition, this year Olga appeared Nude for a popular men’s magazine. However, in social networks it rarely publishes photos in the Nude. But if he does, in quite unexpected places – in the Parking lot, for example. Group SEREBRO gave a hot photo shoot in Cyprus

      Tanya Tereshina

      Голая правда: полностью раздетые звезды

      After Tanya Tereshina severed relations with the civil husband Glory Nikitin, it suffered the winds. The singer went to rest abroad, and there in his microblog began to post photos of explicit content. Naked body Tanya was covered with a towel or light cloth, apparently wanting to call in a former lover, regret that I missed such a sexy babe.

      Sergey Shnurov

      Голая правда: полностью раздетые звезды

      Sergey Shnurov is able to undress not only in front of the mirror at home, but in public places. For example, at the concert. The street also can easily see the naked rocker that does the joking for “Instagram”. And all because of any complexes regarding his appearance, the leader of group “Leningrad” have never experienced.


      Голая правда: полностью раздетые звезды

      Mother-in-law of Glucose does not approve of candid photo shoots of his famous sister-in-law. However, the singer cannot resist the temptation to publish “naked” photos. The star never misses a chance to demonstrate once again the magnificent body in front of the camera. Recently, she was on vacation at the beach, where they filmed on the beach in shorts. A modest piece of clothing covering her hand so that it creates the impression that Glucose is completely naked.

      Nastya Kamensky

      Голая правда: полностью раздетые звезды

      The process of slimming Nastya Kamensky for two years watching the Internet. The soloist of the duet “Potap and Nastya” is a video blog about healthy lifestyle, she also publishes photos of the sports hall and numbers of their parameters. One of these photos unexpectedly for fans of the stars appeared the Kamenskih naked in bed. The delight of its subscribers, there was no limit.

      Stas Pieha

      Голая правда: полностью раздетые звезды

      Stas Peha is a sports lifestyle and often publish in his microblog pictures with his shirt off during training. It should be noted that the courageous figure of the singer is admired by persons of the fair sex. Apparently tired from the excessive female attention, Stas decided to post a selfie in the Nude, a view which has not caused excitement among the fans.

      Lyubov Tolkalina

      Голая правда: полностью раздетые звезды

      Lyubov Tolkalina has taken part in erotic photoshoots for men’s magazines. Also, the actress had the experience of filming a sex scene in a movie. However, the erotic photos taken in the field, caused great excitement among the fans. Some wrote words of outrage in Tolkalina, others begged her to publish more of such images and not to hide the gorgeous figure. The star reacted with humor to this discussion. Lyubov Tolkalina undressed on the seashore

      Keti Topuria

      In early may, Keti Topuria went to rest on Cyprus. Old Nicosia revealed their hot embrace the singer and her family. Stunning views of the azure coast and was so inspired by Katie that she had decided to throw off all the clothes and surrender to nature right on the balcony of the hotel. This moment captured in the photo that the singer posted on his page in Instagram.

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