Группа SEREBRO выпустила первый альбом за 4 года
On some songs worked four singers of the band.

Группа SEREBRO выпустила первый альбом за 4 года

The band SEREBRO released their first album in 4 years

Soloist of the group SEREBRO has released the long-awaited third album.
The album “Power of three” — 16 tracks: some of them recorded with the ex-soloist Daria Casinoi,
the other part — with a new soloist Katya Kischuk.

Since the release of the previous album — “Mama Lover” it’s been almost four years: during this time in
team several times changed the composition.

Recall, a little over a month ago Maxim
Fadeev announced the start of term casting the group SEREBRO in connection with the care
from the team of Daria Casinoi. The girl has serious problems
health and she can no longer perform on stage.

For efficiency Fadeev decided to hold a casting in
SEREBRO official group Vkontakte. The official SEREBRO per week
we have received over sixty thousand video. Fadeev has watched them all personally. In
the end, the producer chose 10 girls, each of whom were invited for personal
interview. The records were published in the same official group team
and of them already fans SEREBRO chose the soloist. Just voted
more than 50 thousand people. New soloist of the band was the 22-year-old Katya Kischuk, and
two days later, was recorded first single with her participation — Chocolate.

The cover of the new album SEREBRO

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